STUDENT PROJECT | Urban Design for Aveiro City | Alexandre Parente


The urban design was based on the idea of people to walk and rest on large footpaths with safe and comfortably and also to car and loading and unloading vehicles have enough space for parking. It was also took in consideration the need for public space for local inhabitants and for people passing by, providing squares and  ‘pocket’ gardens. These green spaces contribute to join local commuters and at the same time to ensure climatic comfort and boost on biodiversity in urban landscape. The shops and services needed for inhabitants daily routine are located in the two central avenues where the bus stops, bike lanes and roads and parking lots are located.

The main goals for this project were:

– Considering the housing demand, define different types of housing and the provide equipment and services for city dwellers;

– Consolidate the urban green infrastructure and ensure good accessibility of the population to green spaces;

– Enhancing the public space, designing pedestrian and bike paths, an efficient road network and parking lots considering the best urban design principles;

– Integrate the urban fabric of the proposed design with the surrounding and ensure the visual quality of the urban landscape.


The old city core of Aveiro was studied as a model for this proposal, that pretends to enlarge the old city and not to develop a process of suburbanization that leads to the construction of residential areas without urban identity. As an expansion of the consolidated city of Aveiro, this urban design proposal enhances the connectivity of green infrastructure and road network, also, offering single-family and multi-family housing, services and concentrated commerce and public space that connects to other recreational spaces.


Most of the buildings are semi-detached with a maximum height of four floors, which makes a good use of the area, once the high-rise construction was not the most desirable solution to adopt. Most part of the housing are built in quarters that have an inside garden for inhabitants recreation, and have different building forms offering varied styles and housing typologies for city inhabitants. The multifamily housing is located in the most central area. The single family housing is located primarily east and north, so as the type of housing that exist on outskirts of the city.


Road infrastructure has two main axes that connect the suburbs to the city center, one connecting to an underground tunnel that provides an effective link to the city center, and the other to the part of the city where the university campus is located. These two axes aren’t meant to serve only road traffic, but also public transportation (buses), pedestrian and cycling traffic. There are two other axes, connecting South and North, that link residential areas to services and trade (located in the two avenues).

STUDENT PROJECT | Urban Design for Aveiro City | Alexandre Parente

Urban Design for Aveiro City
Student | Alexandre Parente (MSc Landscape Architecture at Science Faculty of University of Porto)
Image & Text | Alexandre Parente


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