WLA accepts submissions about projects, ideas and research (from design firms, students or academics) to be published online.

Submissions should include the following

  • Title (Project or Research)
  • 300-750 word summary
  • 3-10 images (minimum 1000 pixels wide at 150dpi)
  • Credits* (text, images, photography, etc) *required
  • Location – City, Country (if applicable)
  • Referencing/Citations/Footnotes of any applicable documents

By submitting any text and/or images you are certifying that you own the copyright to all images and text for third party online and digital publication. Credits for images must be supplied, any project with no image credits will not be published.

From January 1, 2019 projects will only be Featured in the top slider from design firms and designers that are supporters, partners, sponsors.

Email these to [email protected] via,,