Office Campus at Electronic City Phase 2 | Bangalore, India | ONE Landscape Design

The project creates a sustainable and healthy workplace for its employees successfully. It embraced maximum efforts to promote a green culture in which employees can live, work and enjoy.
The large water surface also helps to bring the temperature down and thus reducing the air- conditioning load.

The design for Electronic City Phase 2 in Bangalore, India attempts to redefine and reshape the perception of what office spaces can be.

This idea of cascading landscape was intrinsic to the overall design of the site. It mimics the flow of water and has structural shape and form that was critical to how the terrace can be blended into the landscape design vertically and horizontally.

The Headquarter building’s outer surfaces are wrapped primarily with stone and thus becomes a large rock sculpture set across a series of water bodies with a bio-lake as the setting’s heart. Subsequent green terraces, sky roofs, and balcony gardens extend the landscape into the building as vertical gardens. The entrance is set against an undulating land art that emphasizes this motif.

Stone is a major design element throughout Electronic City Phase 2. It functions on both a philosophical and creative level. As a design philosophy, it was essential to feature stone in various forms, be it used in the form of a sculpture in the Bio-Lake, or as stone boulders throughout the landscape, or as monolith stone seats dotted around the buildings, stone is used in various forms of different shapes and sizes to create a naturalistic transition between the clear water pool, the bio-lake and the buildings. The use of stone was essential in creating a seamless visual connection between the one existing lake, bio-lake as an extension to the existing lake adjacent to the site, and the central lake.

A green fabric is delicately and thoughtfully laced into the architecture. Office workers are never out of walking distance from nature, given the adequate and intentional positioning of green spaces in and around the building.

The owner of Electronic City Phase 2 has a focus on design. The changed workplace design approach by creating an outdoor extension of the workplace with more green space boosts creativity and employee wellbeing.
With its seamless outdoor indoor connectivity and the landscape with a series of interlinked pathways, the building significantly fosters interaction among employees.

The Bio –lake and its dots of green islands introduce a green corridor linking local wildlife and birds to engage with the said green spaces.
The new landscape and office campus blends beautifully, ecologically and seamlessly into the existing landscape.

Office Campus at Electronic City Phase 2

Location: Bangalore, India
Site Size: 2.6 hectares

Landscape Designer: ONE Landscape Design Limited
Architect: Mindspace Architects

Developer: Titan Company Limited

Photography: Titan Company Limited, MiA Studio

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