Book Review | Overgrown by Julian Raxworthy

July 15, 2019,AEST

Overgrown by Julian Jaxworthy calls on landscape architects to embrace gardening and connecting with the site and working plants in real-time. He encourages landscape architects to develop a new type of design practice by leaving their offices including the visualisations | Read More

Landscapes of metabolism | Aminteo, Greece | Topio7

July 15, 2019,AEST

The competition is about the environmental rehabilitation and transformation of the deteriorated lignite mines in the area of Aminteo in Western Macedonia, Greece (2.200ha). Main aim of Topio7’s project is to facilitate the rebirth of a productive and fertile landscape, | Read More

The Spheres: Exploring Biophilia in the Modern Workplace

July 11, 2019,AEST

The immersive, nature-rich environment of The Spheres offers an innovative workplace typology that restores the mind and stretches the limits of biophilic design. At the same time, The Spheres is a proper botanical conservatory, home to more than 40,000 plants across | Read More

LAF Fellowship for Innovation and Leadership | Call For Entries

July 10, 2019,AEST

The Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) is now accepting applications for its 2020-2021 LAF Fellowship for Innovation and Leadership. This $25,000 year-long fellowship is a unique opportunity for mid-career and senior-level landscape architects to explore, research, develop, and test big ideas | Read More

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