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The different sequences of the 22km river bank project and the four sites that have been constructed
the Square of the Ferries as a new urban link to the river
the lingering elevated promenade as a link with the
other public spaces of the 22km river banks
The park becomes a gathering spot for family walks, sunset views and any kind of recreational activity for the inhabitants
The park offers a multitude of accessible green areas and gardens, with a continuous pathway on different levels and a covered plaza for urban activities
an elevated walkway offering an overview of the Huangpu River

The municipality of Shanghai has initiated a large scale process of reconstruction of 22 km of the east bank of the Huangpu River. This project aims to create a new way of life on the currently unoccupied or strongly industrialized river banks, giving high visibility and encouraging varied and permanent uses along its entire length. The project redefines the banks to create a living interface between neighborhoods and the river, a new width articulating soft transport, ecology, public spaces, activities, and economy. A triptych of linear spaces (discovery path, main path, and sports path), organize the different flows and types of usage. Each of them comes with thematic facilities to animate the bank, creating new activities on the river’s edge. It becomes an urban setting for everyday activity and nightlife, as well as for big local and national events. The first realizations were situated on four central locations.

The first 3 “totems” in a series of 22, including public venues on different heights and creating landmarks similar to lighthouses along the water

The 12ha Park of the Cement Factory creates a new horizon along the river bank. The ground is lifted to create a large linear hill-scape. The soft slope invites inhabitants of the future neighborhoods to take in open views of river landscape and at the same time offers a large playground and a forested retreat along the boulevard.

A large playground is incorporated in the slope and offers varying views towards the river at the Park of the Cement Factory
A large playground is incorporated in the slope and offers varying views towards the river at the Park of the Cement Factory

In Dongchang North, a wide promenade lies in parallel with a sequence of grass fields and wooden terraces that invite one to linger at the water’s edge. In contrast, the deeper lying grove is a more enclosed space and full of ambience. The canopy trees provide shade for small exterior rooms that welcome the inhabitants’ daily activities.

Amenities are integrated in the riverside park while ample green spaces allow to linger, play and rest with the skyline of Shanghai just in front
The continuous triptych of pathways for diverse uses are present at the new park of Dongchang North

The public spaces of Lujiazui including 2.5km of river banks at the foot of the symbolic television tower “Pearl of the East” in the financial and commercial center are based on five structuring principles: accessibility, opening, nature, programming, continuity.

The river walk on different heights connects Lujiazui with the surrounding neighbourhoods
the urban river bank as a connection between the neighbourhood and the river

The new identity of the Square of the Ferries is created through a square, a park and pedestrian bridges. The project connects multiple public modes of public transport and existing buildings, assuring accessibility of the river banks to the public.

Overview of the Shanghai East Bund public spaces including their lighting strategy
The system of the three paths along the riverbank

Landscape Architect | Agence Ter

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