In_House | Allariz Garden Festival 2014 | Taekyung Kim

IN_HOUSE is installed garden art project for Allariz Garden Festival 2014 in Allariz, Spain. The competition aimed designers express their own ideas about the theme “Plenty” through temporal garden installation. The project, IN-HOUSE is experimental installation to experience distort human’s spatial perception through unfamiliar relationship with “house” and “Plants”.


House is identical territory for human’s perception: Repetitive experiences, reflection of users’ preference, and relatively strong privacy and ownership make the perception of house familiar.


Plant in the city has a generally positive and familiar perception for human with the word “green”, “nature”. Mostly plant is shown outdoor but also exist indoor with controlled settings.


What happen if these two different territories but with similar perceptions meet in abnormal way? What if our ownership of house is taken by plants, and plants is inviting you to their house? In this project, plants are not no more decorative element controlled by home owner in a house. By juxtaposition of a house and plants in the garden, plants are actively challenging us to our spatial perception and ownership.


The project has basic furniture as tools evoking feelings of familiarity and comfort to people: Wall, kitchen, dining sets, sofa, bookshelves, bed, bathroom….where we eat, relax, sleep, talk, and more. However, since visitors get closer to each place and start feeling a comfort, they will find a house is no more belongs to them and their stereotyped perception of house will be broken.




In_House | Allariz Garden Festival 2014 | Taekyung Kim

Designer | Taekyung Kim
Competition | Allariz Garden Festival 2014
Built Date | 24.May.2014
Location | Allariz, Spain
Site Area | About 260 m2
Photographer Credit | Brais Seara
Text And Project Credit | Taekyung Kim


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