won: revaluation of Antwerp’s heritage listed Stadspark


OMGEVING has won the international design competition for the revaluation of the Stadspark in their hometown. The jury chose the team OMGEVING + Yellow Window + Hydroscan from five selected candidate design teams from Belgium and the Netherlands.

Eduard Keilig, uitvoeringsplan Stadspark, 1868 © Felixarchief

The Stadspark is the largest green lung in the city centre of Antwerp and plays an important role at both district and city level. In addition to its intensive use, it also has great botanical and historical value. It is a unique, green park in the heart of the city of Antwerp and it has been for more than 150 years.


OMGEVING‘s design proposal is built on three strategies. Both the design approach, communication and participation are based on history as a narrative for spatial quality, a diverse park for various users and a climate park in the heart of the city. These three strategies derive from common values to connect all the actors and offer an answer to the ambition to revalue the Stadspark on the scale of the urban space. A design process tailored to the assignment and in dialogue with the city and district councils, the city services, the actors and the broad population will refine this ambitious but realistic design proposal and will ultimately lead to a phased realisation on site. In this way, the design proposal not only focusses on giving the Stadspark back to the people but also counts on their input to help shape the city of tomorrow.

Images and Text: OMGEVING (unless captioned)

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