Grote Markt | Vilvoorde, Belgium | OMGEVING

July 24, 2019,AEST

Grote Markt VilvoordeBringing the parking spaces on the Grote Markt in Vilvoorde underground created an opportunity to think about a new role and identity for the heart of the city. This now vacant space, surrounded by the town hall, the municipal library and various catering establishments, had the potential to | Read More

The ‘genius loci’ as a starting point for climate adaptive design

March 4, 2019,AEDT

This article by OMGEVING‘s part of a series by landscape architects in response to Moving Forward with Climate Change. Climate change is a fact. As landscape designers we are challenged to provide creative and innovative solutions for climate challenges such as increasing precipitation, drought and heat stress. These extreme weather | Read More

OMGEVING daylight the Binnendijle at Zandpoortvest

January 28, 2019,AEDT

Mechelen is once again a city by the water. In recent years, seven canals have been reopened in the inner city, illustrating a renewed appreciation for the river. Recently, also the Binnendijle at Zandpoortvest has been made visible in the cityscape after being covered for over 40 years. In 2013, | Read More

OMGEVING designs subtle interventions in a wartime landscape

January 20, 2016,AEDT

The Bluff in the notorious ‘Ypres Salient’ is a unique wartime landscape that survives from the First World War. The site was the scene of widespread feverish digging of underground passages and shafts, mine explosions, sabotage and attempts at eavesdropping. In the context of the cultural tourism project, ‘Remembrance Park | Read More