WLA welcomes LANDSCAPE TECTONIX as a partner

World Landscape Architecture is proud to have the support of many landscape architecture firms from around the world. We welcome our latest partner – LANDSCAPE TECTONIX

LANDSCAPE TECTONIX company profile

Landscape Tectonix Limited: TECTONIX is an award-winning landscape design studio based in Bangkok, Thailand.

The studio has 5 Studios with 60 professionals working as one team in a multi-disciplinary design approach under the close supervision of Mr. TU Supasit Tepumnuasakul and other 5 directors whose indispensable experiences are fully fulfilled with many types, scales, locations and working environments of the project; from Hospitality, High-end Residential, High Rise Condominium, Low Rise Housing as well as special design from transportation, school and public park, etc.

Our studio always encourages each individual to share their talent with the high collaboration with others to deliver excellent services to the clients. The scopes of service are from Master Planning, Conceptual Design, Design Development, Tender Drawing / Construction Documentation to Site Supervision

Our design’s philosophy is to define a sense of place, to create harmony between humans and nature as well as to elaborate the quality of life.

Our portfolio is widely covered throughout the Asia-Pacific region; Thailand, India, Cambodia, China PRC, etc., in collaboration with leading developers, design consultants, International Hotel Operators, etc. We have a strong belief in working as part of the team, either leading or supporting roles to achieve the international design standard and services.

The studio won many international design awards for the past recent years, including the awards from the Thai Association of Landscape Architect (TALA).   

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