Vale Claude Cormier 1960-2023

Claude Cormier – Courtesy of CCxA

WLA was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Claude Cormier. A Canadian landscape architect and artist who created serendipitous and whimsical designs while refining and challenging landscape architecture principles.

Berczy Park – Credit | Industryous Photography

The work of Claude Cormier + Associés inc., now CCxA includes many world-renowned projects, including Lipstick Forest, Sugar Beach, Pink Balls, 18 Shades of Gay, Berczy Park, Love Park, The Ring and many others beyond the borders of his home country of Canada. Claude Cormier won numerous accolades during his career, including a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA | AAPC) in 2008 and becoming a Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2021.

View of the beach in late summer ©Waterfront Toronto (Nicola Betts)
The Ring at Esplanade PVM – Image Credit: David Boyer

Claude drew people together during the design process or when presenting at conferences with energy, passion, design conviction and fun. Whenever you saw Claude present, he energised the room with a passion for his design ideas and approaches to landscape architecture. He had time for anyone, and I was fortunate to meet him in Montreal and at several ASLA Conferences; he was willing to chat about his projects or process, always leaving me feeling uplifted and energised about design. Claude Cormier also contributed projects to WLA and WLA Magazine over the past ten years.

Claude Cormier presented at the 2017 World Design Summit in Montreal. Credit: Damian Holmes

Montréalers and the landscape architecture profession will sadly miss him; however, Claude’s legacy of work will continue to provide places for everyone to experience joy and delight and Claude’s vision of “serious fun”. We are confident that his design approach and principles will continue through everyone at CCxA.

Dear Claude – rest assured that the CCxA family will continue this great adventure with leadership, curiosity, and motivation, responding to future challenges with sensitivity and insight, remaining true to our roots and perpetuating the values of beauty, meaning, and joy in the public realm.

Quote from CCxA website

To learn and experience the work of Claude Cormier, go to CCxA’s website and TCLF

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