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The Project uses landmark images for the Conghua hot spring industry fused three local characters. The three characters are lychee, hot spring and the “Liu Xi River” (流溪河).
“Lychee Cong Hua” is “Lychee Kingdom”,

The Project is a Tourism Feature Project to revitalize the growing diversity of hot springs in the district of CongHua. The district of CongHua which was recently annexed to Guangzhou City for its growing tourism and travel industries is known for numbers of famous hot spring in China and has a long history of hot spring facilities and tourism spots. However, the tourism industry in CongHua has gone to a sporadic development. Eventually, these development directions lead to the local market downturn and landscape clutter.


At that time, CongHua District Council began to realize the growing problems. During that time on one of the design planning meeting, Chen Nan Jiang Ph.D. (陈南江), a Professor ,Chief Planner and leading expert in the Tourism Planning, put forward the creation of a hot spring resort destination with the basic concepts focusing on localization, modernization, ecological and business profitability to revitalize local hot spring resort industry. With this in place, the creation of the South Entrance of Conghua Hot Spring as the local landmark was initiated and provided by Guangdong ZhongJian Design Company Limited.

The South Entrance CongHua Hot Spring has been a symbol of modernization and advancement for the local hot spring tourism industry and received numerous recognition and media exposure.


Design Story
The Project uses landmark images for the Conghua hot spring industry fused three local characters. The three characters are lychee, hot spring and the “Liu Xi River” (流溪河).
“Lychee Cong Hua” is “Lychee Kingdom”, it is the township of the famous lychee, which is one of the base of production for nationally distributed lychee. Lychee is a rounded shape, red skin with prismatic scale and a thin brittle shell enclosing a sweet jellylike pulp. With this unique character in mind, the building design structures applied such elements in the design using modern technology and applications.

“Liu Xi River” (流溪河) – is known as the ‘mother river’ of Guangzhou, which springs from Gui Fen Mountain, CongHua. It is composed by many tributaries gathering, and the river owns the beauty of the natural curve. The curving shape of the river transforms to the bridge that binds all features of the project and a welcoming icon for passerbys. It also represents the nourishing effect of Liu Xi River to the town of CongHua.



The Landscape Features
The Project Features consist of three main building, a pedestrian bridge and sculptural plaza with generously decorated spaces. The design features was generally intended to interact with each through access and visual connectivity. Application of flood control and energy saving design strategies were used to meet with environmental protection and safety.

The Project received high evaluation from both Local Government and tourists who have a chance to experience visiting CongHua. It now serves as a landmark in the district of CongHua and serves its purpose to support the growing tourism industry in the district.




The South Entrance CongHua Hot Spring
Location | CongHua District, Guangzhou City, China
Design Firm | Guangdong ZhongJian Design Company Limited
Planning Designer | Chen, Nanjiang (陈南江) / Bao, Xiaoli (鲍小莉) /
Ye, Jianwei (叶建伟)
Landscape Design | Guangdong ZhongJian Design Company Limited
Architect | Guangdong ZhongJian Design Company Limited
Text by | Liu, Pei (刘佩) / Xiao, Shuangyu (萧双雨) / Roberto Fortaleza,Jr.
Photographs and Images | Guangdong ZhongJian Design Company Limited

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