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Do you spend hours playing sim city or crushing candies? We’ve found a productivity tool for landscape architects that is just as fun. Streetmix is a free interactive street section builder that allows anyone to be able to build up a street with various lanes and urban elements including lighting, trees, bike lanes, light rail, signage. It’s a quick and easy to use web application that lets landscape architects and urban planners mockup various street section options for the same street.

In early 2013, San Franciso’s Department of Public Works convened members of the Second Street Improvement Project to brainstorm ways to improve the corridor. Like so many urban planning and transit meetings before it, the group used paper cutouts to visualize their ideas. The problem with the approach was that members had to wait until the next meeting to present their ideas. It was then that 2013 Code for America Fellows Lou Huang, Marcin Wichary, Ezra Spier and Katie Lewis began work on a 24-7 solution. With an interest in soliciting greater feedback and citizen engagement, the group built Streetmix – a web-based application where citizens and planners can mockup city street designs. Streetmix is one of many apps being developed through Code of America including Public Art Finder, Mindmixer, Where’s my school bus?

It is currently an exciting time when more and more apps are being developed to allow the public and professionals to become involved in the design of their communities.

Click for original image from Streetmix

IMAGES | Sections Mockup by Damian Holmes using Streetmix

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