Street furniture – a balancing act between design and revenue

Street furniture in the modern city is a balancing act between creating revenue stream from advertisers and a clean design element that has good design and function.

As reported by the Ottawa Citizen – Ottawa is currently facing this issue and using a $275,000 study to look at design, aesthetics and function and also a public consultation process which ends in December. Ottawa residents are invited to provide input at

The Ottawa Citizen has reported “Ottawa landscape architect John Wright says street furniture should be quiet and harmonious, with good proportions and materials. Standard pieces should not be used in key places like Festival Plaza, he adds.”

Read more at the SOURCE: Ottawa Citizen – Mayor launches plan to rid sidewalks of ugly street furniture.

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  1. Larry, now is not a good time to launch this endeavour although it merits well. I believe the City of Ottawa, to begin with, is in the midst of axing over 500 jobs. Also, the economy is about to go into a RECESSION AND PRICE DEFLATION which may bode well for future plans to carry out this fine decor of the city, but not now!

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