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From the inspiration of the old house in Ekkamai transformation to the new landscape design under the concept of “Feel like home”. This project reflects the story and charisma of living in the Ekkamai house in the past to be a new vertical home by splitting each room into a new landscape space with a unique welcoming patio.

Starting from the entrance, three original rain trees, preserved as Timeless iconic trees reflecting the uniqueness of Ekkamai, are the first area for welcoming all users by creating a lush green area consistent with the original context of the Rain Tree.

Continuing to the 1st-6th floor, the multi-story with a seamless connection between interior and exterior for a social & quiet zone for claiming feeling before going into the main lobby space.

The 7th floor Floating lobby is the main lobby before entering the residential zone. This space is a main patio that makes the home feel like home and creates social activities such as parties, resting spaces, floating gardens, etc., mimicking the mood of activities around the house terrace.

The main facility of this project is on the top of the building. Starting from the 28th to the Roof floor, our team designed the seamless connection space so that all activities can be connected to each other by splitting them and spreading them on each floor by connecting with stairs.

The 30th-31st floor area is designed to link activities with the swimming pool floor’s common area by landscape. Start from the underwater passage corridor, which represents an artwork that interacts with the water light effect shined through the swimming pool glass bottom to the designed aluminum composite mirror wall. After that, the user will reach an outdoor zone on the 30th floor.

Next to the step garden, the starter area for the 30th floor allows users to walk through and appreciate the 360-degree panoramic view around the building. Also, all these activity rooms are below the pool floor level. As a result, both floors have an impressive panoramic view of the outdoor living and swimming pool.

For the roof of Rhythm Ekkamai Estate, the Rooftop deck is intended to be used as a sky living lounge accessed by the green step garden from the indoor fitness area, like walking around the house garden. The design of this floor connects the interior and landscape space in a seamless connection area by continuing the language from other rooms that follow the concept of ‘Feel like home’.


Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Client: AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Landscape Architect: Redland-scape.Ltd
Architecture Design: Openbox Architects co.,ltd
Photo credit:
Rungkit Charoenwat
AP (Thailand)Public Company Limited

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