Park Russia | largest theme park in Europe design competition

Russian Green Building council is happy to announce the start of the international competition for concept and financial model for Park “Russia” which is to become the largest theme park in Europe. Competition is held in 2 stages in both Russian and English. Prize fund is 10,5 million RUR (approx 315,000USD).

The Contest is held in two stages
Stage 1: Pre-qualification of participants. Teams will be  selected to participate in the second stage on the basis of  evaluation of the applications submitted by applicants.

Stage 2: “Russia” Theme Park concepts and financial models Contest. The winner and the finalists may be selected for  further cooperation in developing the project.


Russian and foreign individuals and legal entities or groups of enterprises, companies, bureaus and studios of all forms of ownership, which have high professional reputation, successful experience in project design and implementation, may participate in the Contest. We are inviting architects, landscape designers and urban planners, who can bring together multidisciplinary teams of specialists in engineering, finance, management of public spaces, entertainment industry, cultural programming, economics, financial analytics, sociology, anthropology, dendrology, ecology and wildlife management.


Consortium is an association of two (2) or more entities or individuals who act as a single participant of the Contest.

It is recommended to include in the consortium a Russian member, whose competence within the consortium would include ensuring the compliance of the concept and financial model with the Russian regulations for design and construction, or to employ an appropriate Russian specialist as a subcontractor or consultant for the consortium.

Participating teams should include individuals who have qualifications required for implementation of the project, such as:

  • Leading expert – an architect or a specialist in urban development and planning, who has experience in preparing master-plans for similar projects, including concept design of socially significant public sites (museums, congress centers, theatres etc.);
  • Landscape designer;
  • Expert on theme parks and amusement parks;
  • Specialist in marketing or economics;
  • Professional ecologist;
  • Expert in design of engineering infrastructure;
  • Expert in sustainable and energy-efficient construction.

Information about consortium submitted in the application shall include:

  • A list of the consortiums members with a brief description of their corporate profiles and key contributions to the project;
  • Organizational chart of the consortium indicating the contribution of each company/employee to the overall scope of work;
  • Information on the employees of the consortium members (including the consortium leader) who will participate in the project, including his or her full name, position, role in the project and brief description of his or her professional skills.

However, the competence of each Consortium member may include more than one discipline.

Registration ends on the 1st of September, 2013

More information at the Park Russia competition website

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