Painted Prairie | Aurora, CO, USA | Civitas

Civitas’ master plan for the Painted Prairie includes 30-acres of open space across seven parks, each featuring native landscapes and plants from the Colorado plains. With a community-wide emphasis on shared spaces, the parks include playgrounds, dog parks, gathering spaces, trails, community gardens, and art installations. A central town center also includes outdoor gathering spaces for concerts, movie nights, and markets along with a mix of retail, restaurants, and hotels.

The team’s commitment to sustainable development, community building, and environmental stewardship create a deep and long-lasting sense of community that differentiates Painted Prairie from conventional suburban neighborhoods and sets new standards for future development. Connectivity is the leading concept of the project and is what leads the team’s developmental ideas through the entire creative process.

The aim of the grand park is to foster a sense of pride and participation in the community by highlighting how people have connected with the prairie for generations.

Painted Prairie

Landscape Architect: Civitas

Image & Text Credits: © Civitas

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