National 9/11 Memorial | New York | PWP Landscape Architecture & Michael Arad

National 9/11 Memorial | New York | PWP Landscape Architecture & Michael Arad
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National 9/11 Memorial was recently dedicated on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11/2001 when many people lost there lives during the attacks on the USA. The Memorial designed by PWP Landscape Architecture & Micheal Arad have not only created a powerful memorial where families and friends can come to grieve but also a city park that people can use everyday to sit under the trees and enjoy the New York skyline surrounding the site and watch the rebuilding of area with new towers. There are many design elements that required great thought, development and testing including the trees, waterfalls, name arrangement and these were developed by talented people to create the beautiful space we see today.

‘The rebuilding of both the memorial together with the surrounding buildings will give the American people a sense of rebirth from the terrible attacks of 9/11.’
Peter Walker

National 9/11 Memorial | New York | PWP Landscape Architecture & Michael Arad
L to R –  Trees/Waterfalls ©PWP | Names ©Amy Dreher | Paving ©PWP | Peter Walker & Team reviewing Materials ©PWP

What greatly interested Peter Walker was creating a ‘flat plane’ that would increase the power of the two voids but also heighten and strengthen the power of the tree trunks and arching canopies. The Memorial is also a large green roof with water storage for the 415 Swamp White Oak trees, the Survivor tree and the areas of lawn.

Below is a video of an interview with Peter Walker talking about the 9/11 Memorial with landscape forms.


Peter Walker Interview from PWP Landscape Architecture on Vimeo.

The National 9/11 Memorial was featured in WLA #02 Quarterly magazine and includes information from about the design by PWP Landscape Architecture & Michael Arad, Fountain design by DEW Inc and also a section on how the Names were arranged.


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