landscape_fluxes | Salina Park, Cyprus


“landscape_fluxes” was awarded 2nd Prize at the Architectural Competition for Salina Park in Larnaca, Cyprus. The central idea derives from the need to create a well-organized area of urban nature in a mutual ‘osmosis’ between the park and the city.  The main objective of the project is the creation of an open, accessible public space, a contemporary urban park with an ecological-bioclimatic character that gradually leads the visitor from the city’s buzz to an enclosed landscape of recreation.


The projects envisions a field of landscape fluxes, a dynamic new landscape, a permeable green buffer zone of passages in which osmotic relations can be developed from the city towards the new park. A filter of greenery and an introductory square, lead to the main area of the park – an introverted clearing of recreation for outdoor activities. There the cafe-restaurant kiosk is located and a dynamic scenery is being created which changes during the four seasons. The proposal creates a pole of attraction for local and supra-local uses, in the framework of a holistic landscape eco_strategy. The main objectives are: (a) to create a park with ecological and bioclimatic character, (b) to emphasize the social dimension, (c) to integrate new informative and management technologies.


landscape_fluxes | Salina Park

Location: Larnaca, Cyprus

Client: Municipality of Larnacak

Firm: topio7 architects-landscape architects

Design Team: topio7 architects-landscape architects
Katerina Andritsou – Panita Karamanea – Thanasis Polyzoidis

Consultants: Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos, Civil engineering consultant
Dimitra Kosti, Quantity surveyor consultant

Image credits:    topio7 architects-landscape architects      

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