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A team of independent researchers and academics at Florida International University (FIU) are conducting research on Landscape Architecture design studio courses with a five-minute online survey. This project is part of an Independent Study course with Florida International University and Landscape Skills in which we are studying student needs, preferences and experiences in online studios across the globe. They want to know how it’s working for you, your experience and how it could be better. Your responses will help Professors to be best prepared for their students when teaching an otherwise in-person studio setting.

Though the COVID-19 crisis has rapidly changed the way we all communicate with one another in learning how to design and expressing our design ideas (among other things!), the researchers want to see if their findings suggest any insight into how we might improve studio courses using online teaching methods for now and for even when we do return to in-person studio instruction. Is there anything we would want to take back with us from this virtual experience? We want to find out with your input so that we can make sure that studio is as collaborative, stimulating, and is as accessible of a learning environment as possible.

Please help out this team to help improve online landscape architecture courses by taking 5 minutes to complete the survey with the results to be shared later this year. The Survey is open until 11:59pm Sunday September 20, 2020.

The research team thanks you in advance!


Landscape Architecture and Design Majors, Undergraduate and Graduate studies, all schools, all over the world, enrolled in program taking a studio right now including online, remote online, hybrid in-person/online, and in-person.

RESEARCHERS: Part of an Independent Study including Roberto Rovira, Maria Debije Counts, Ryan Rodriguez and in partnership with Florida International University (FIU) Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design in the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts and Landscape Skills.

Image Credits: Courtesy of Maria Counts

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