Get to Know the Stylish & Versatile Every Day Chair by Landscape Forms

Building on over five decades of expertise in designing and manufacturing iconic outdoor seating, the Every Day Chair by Landscape Forms is a minimalist yet sophisticated seating solution for outdoor dining, gathering and adaptable multi-purpose spaces.

It’s simple and stylish with a casual demeanor, but with versatility and durability that excel in a wide range of applications. Precisely bent wire and steel strapping come together in a design that’s breezy and visually light while being robust enough to confidently withstand stacking and repeated reconfiguration.

“Using the combination of wire and metal strapping, we’ve created a chair that’s simple yet also visually interesting and fun,” describes Landscape Forms Director of Design, Ryan Heiser. “The Every Day Chair builds on our expertise in metal forming and welding to offer comfort, functionality and a fresh style that’s at-home virtually anywhere.”

Its design focuses on maximizing usability and offering a variety of different use cases, becoming the go-to solution for spaces whose layout and purpose may change on a season-to-season or even day-to-day basis. Available with or without arms, the chair’s gentle curves and softened edges create an inviting personality, while a sled base bolsters structural integrity and enhances stability on various surfaces.

For Landscape Forms Chief Innovation Officer, Kirt Martin, it’s this combination of elevated design, durability and versatility that makes the Every Day Chair such a compelling seating solution. “Customers have been routinely asking us for a high design chair that’s also highly configurable, easily stackable and readily adapted to a number of outdoor experiences,” he says. “We worked to ensure Every Day Chair was versatile enough for just about any type of experience from a large event to an intimate lunch for two.”

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