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The Forestias is one of the largest property developments in Thailand covering a wide range of projects, with the urban forest at the center. The Forest Pavilion is the entrance gateway as the sales gallery demonstrating the Forestias and development and provides visitors with an immersive experience of living among the urban forest. The site is relatively flat with clayey and poor drain soil. Several design measures have been applied—flood and water-tolerant plants, an effective sub-drain system for tree pits; and trees planting on berms.

The iconic sales gallery with the shape of Thai style pavilion and butterfly roof structure represents the mixture of local culture and nature. The main landscape design concept of the Forest Pavilion is to transform and soften the rigid form of the architectural grid into the natural freeform of the central forest. Consequently, the butterfly-shaped building will be brought to life with the natural landscape setting, revives to the delightful form of nature. Landscape elements, such as plaza, water feature, open lawn, and step have simplified forms. The Forest Pavilion will be converted to an exhibition center after the sales period. Separated circulations including skywalks and security control will be implemented. Dense vegetation has been planted along the site boundary to create a visual buffer for the best exclusivity.

When they drop off at the grand plaza with special leaves-shaped tiles imprinted, marks the threshold to the urban forest. The visual effect has been carefully studied at the sales gallery to ensure the views of varying forest scenes as visitors move across the floors. Moreover, the 5-meter tall waterfall feature and the forest planting create a pleasant backdrop for the show units, resulting in a tranquil picturesque landscape. The atmosphere changed from the rigid manmade to a natural landscape while approaching the open lawn area. The arrangement of the signature trapezium unit of stones come from the simplified form of architecture, which will be stacked and arrayed for seating areas, paths, and water features. Next to the event lawn, a water play plaza for children has been installed. Stacks of water feature steps gradually scatter towards the lawn, creating the illusion of water flow and splash on the event lawn.

A series of sustainable landscape design elements will be installed at the Forest Pavilion following the international environmental standards of SITES, WELL, and LEED. The bioswale and eco forest as green and blue infrastructure will help collect and filter the excessive rainwater and runoff. Paving materials have been carefully selected to fulfil environmental and safety design requirements. Special planting design schemes that attain SITES standards have been applied. At the entrance area, feature Samanea saman will be planted as the landmark of the Forest Pavilion; while the inner courtyard will have a mix of low maintenance plants.

The Forest Pavilion has been designed to support a variety of amenities and activities for hosting social events. Visitors will enjoy a refreshing experience of living with nature among the urban fabric, which integrated sustainable design with a high quality of modern lifestyle.

Forest Pavilion, The Forestias

Location: Bangkaew Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province, Thailand

Landscape Design: TK STUDIO CO., LTD.



Nantawan  Sirisup (Landscape Architect)

Punyada Klinpaka (Landscape Architect)

Passaporn Shompoopun (Landscape Architect)

Nottaporn Gatewattanatorn (Landscape Architect)

Patcharanat Phokhinthanasiri (Horticulturist)

Construction Design:

Nikom Mangiew

Sirikul Thirawatthanaset

Tummanoon Jaitheing

Wasin Somsak

Project Teams:


Local Architect: DT DESIGN

Interior designer: BUG & DT DESIGN

Structural and civil engineer: EEC LINCOLNE SCOTT


Lighting specialist: APLD

Hardscape contractor: CHRISTIANI & NIELSEN (THAI)

Softscape contractor: CPS

Quantity surveyor: AECOM (THAILAND)



Masterplan & diagrams: TK STUDIO CO., LTD.

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