EXHIBITION | Hutopolis: City visions 2012.9.28-10.10

EXHIBIT | Hutopolis: City visions
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As part of Beijing Design Week the “Hutopolis: city visions” is an exhibition that collects one year of research, experiments and events organized in Asia and Europe by the Hutopolis research program with the goal of creating feasible solutions for urban planning in China.

Soft and physical strategies, visions and ideas have been developed taking Beijing as case study Conceived as a collaborative network featuring a series of proposals from different backgrounds, the exhibition showcases strategies based on four sites in both historical and modern areas of the city.


Hutopolis is an initiative of Giannantonio Bongiorno and “AQSO arquitectos office”, together with Eugenia Murialdo and a wide team of researchers, students and architects from Tsinghua University, Politecnico di Milano, University of Genoa, University of Valladolid, University of Valencia and with the support of Strelka Institute.

In Beijing (China) from Friday September 28th to Wednesday October 10th 2012.

Location: 8 Dawailangyin Hutong, Dashilar. Xicheng district. Beijing.
Address in Chinese: 大栅栏大外廊营胡同 8 号
Opening hours: Daily from 12:00h to 20:00h

More info at “Hutopolis: city visions”

城市视野所展览的内容,是由胡同城研究项目一年间在中国和欧洲所组织的研究,实验和活动 的成果。我们选择以北京作为研究对象,并从软性以及硬性的策略和思维上去开发构思。将整 体看作一个由不同特色的背景所组成的互动社会网络,这次的展览的研究地点分布在北京市的 4 个场地,其中包含历史性的城区,也有现代城区。

该项目的设想解决的是在中国和亚洲的城市基础建设发展中所显现的问题。在这样的背景下,研究连续破坏过程和城市建设中留下来的,悬而未决的问题对与新居住点的生活质量以及对有关古迹的保存问题。欧洲以及中国学院共同研究此项目的重点是居住密度,绿地,社会和交 通。

在 2011 北京设计周的“下一站:胡同城”之后,“城市视野”想要了解通过再利用和加强北京传统的城市格局,新一轮的城市变革将如何发生。 胡同城是一个由 Giannantonio Bongiorno 与“AQSO 建筑事务所”创办,与 Eugenia Murialdo 策划,有一个来自清华大学,米兰理工大学,´吉诺瓦大学“大学,巴利亚多利德大学,瓦伦西 亚大学建筑学学生,研究员,建筑师所组成的团队,并得到 Strelka 学院协助。

从 2012 年 9 月 28 日至 2012 年 10 月 10 号。
大栅栏大外廊营胡同 8 号
开放时间:每天从中午 12 时至晚上 8 时



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