Event | Scales of Impact: Landscape Trends for a Changing Era

(Left to Right) Zhao Qiuyue(antao), Li Zhongwei(Lab D+H Shanghai), Wang Chong (Hassell), Zhao Difeng (antao), Damian Holmes (WLA), Lee Parks (AECOM), Cao Yuying (antao), Sherry Li (ArchiDogs).

World Landscape Architecture (WLA) partnered with antao and ArchiDogs for a salon event in Hangzhou, China, on December 29, 2023. The event brought together some of China’s design leaders to discuss landscape architecture trends and issues in an era of financial and environmental change.

Damian Holmes, WLA Editor, presented three of the landscape architecture trends of 2024 as part of his upcoming WLA article. He spoke about the challenges of climate change, the impact of Artificial Intelligence, and the issues of education in landscape architecture.

Damian Holmes (WLA)

The other presenters included Lee Parks (AECOM), who spoke of his 24 landscape architecture wishes for 2024; Li Zhongwei (Lab D+H Shanghai), who discussed the importance of post-industrial design and representing authentic place; Wang Chong (Hassell) presented various approaches to the design of place; Cao Yuying (antao) provided a summary of design trends and example projects.

The event ended with the panel of speakers taking questions from each other and the audience about the role of landscape architects and also how to improve the industry in China. The event was attended by local landscape architects and universities (professors and students).

WLA will hold similar events in 2024 to bring together landscape architects and other design disciplines.

Images Credit: ArchiDogs

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