CR LAND Gorgeous Portal | Shenyang, China | Guangzhou S.P.I Design

A Chinese character can usually vividly express profound meanings. In the initial phase, we knew that the project was the first high-end product of “Hua” in North China; therefore, we decided to show the meaning of the Chinese character “Hua” through landscape design. Finally, the project was named Gorgeous Portal (Zhao Hua Li in Chinese), which was built as a high-end customized product inspired by the three Chinese characters.

Zhao: Character “Zhao” means bright, remarkable.

Hua: Character “Hua” means brilliant, gorgeous.

Li: Character “Li” refers to living place.

How to express the implied meanings of the three characters was what we studied and pursued, that is, creating an ideal home that is bright, conspicuous, gorgeous and confident.

“Zhao Hua Li” is not only the epitome of the design combined with traditional and modern values of Shenyang, but also a voice for the exploration of the contemporary aesthetics in north China, that is, tranquil but luxurious. “Hidden in the City” is not an escape but a spiritual reflection in response to the impetuous times.

CR LAND Gorgeous Portal, Shenyang, China

Landscape Design: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., LTD

Design Team: Hu Sun, Yue Wang, Wei Du, Rui Fan, Long Shen, Xinyi Wang, Chao Zhang, Wenwen Zhao

Architectural Design: SMEDI Survey and Design Consulting Co. Ltd.

Engineering Design: Shenyang Jinyu Landscape Architecture Engineering Co., Ltd.,

Shenzhen Huachuang Landscape Construction Co., Ltd.

Client: CR LAND

Image Credits: S.P.I Design

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