Children’s Museum of Sonoma County (CMOSC), Mary’s Garden | Santa Rosa, USA | BASE Landscape Architecture


The concept design of the outdoor educational facility for the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County was to build an interactive play area to connect children with nature that inspires future learning and a commitment to sustainable practices.


Mary’s Garden—Mary for Mariposa, is an area where children can learn about metamorphosis and pollination. Nelson’s Family Farm Stand is an area where children can help grow, harvest, and “sell” fruits and vegetables.


The design was also developed by looking at a transect of the environments in Sonoma county—from the inland agricultural valleys to the Pacific Ocean. The project is therefore centered on the main water feature; the “Russian River” begins at the headwaters in the hill and flows through the site to the beach, passing through gravel beds and marshes along the way, allowing for a very dynamic and fun learning experience.





Children’s Museum of Sonoma County (CMOSC), Mary’s Garden

Location |Santa Rosa, CA

Design year | 2012
Construction year | 2013
Area | 1 acre
Budget | $1.8M

Design Firm | BASE Landscape Architecture
Consultants | BASE Landscape Architecture, Scientific Art Studios, Aquascapes

Image & Text Credits | Patricia Algara


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  1. The CMOSC is a wonderful addition to any community. Well thought-out and executed. Children are never too young to experience gardens and nature.

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