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Loci Studio recently completed the inventive concept design for the Zhongji Aeronautical Business Park. Led from by their Sydney team, and collaborating with their Beijing colleagues, they managed to produce a project with a powerful mix of creative ideas and logical solutions.

Located in Da Chang, Hebei Province, Zhongji Aeronautical Business Park is a modern and innovative commercial development, one that is envisaged as a new model for business parks in China. The goal of this new typology, exemplified by the ideas seen at Zhongji, is to not only highlight the quality and brand identity of the companies working there but, and perhaps more importantly, to focus heavily on giving the employees a wonderful place in which to work.


The majority of the tenants and stakeholders are in the field of aerospace and automotive research and innovation. As such their workers are mostly professionals, but a small proportion of blue-collar workers help to keep the place ticking along. Whichever type of worker they are, the landscape offers them the opportunity to escape from their high-stress occupation as they need it.


The landscape planning itself was based on the idea of process in design and manufacturing – where many different components go in, get arranged in a logical way, and come out as a useful object – people it was realised could move through the site in a similar way. First they arrive from random places with varied destinations in mind. They feed into a clear network of paths, assisted by bold signage and even on-ground graphics, and arrive easily and simply at their destinations.


Pulling cues from the business park’s main product themes – aeronautical technology and equipment – Loci Studio used the shapes, materials, finishes and detailing of aeroplanes and associated componentry to begin conceiving the landscape elements for the project.


Loci Studio researched aeroplane designs of old and new, studied the forms and functions of all associated aeronautical related materials, and combined their findings with airport graphics and paraphernalia into a playful theme that resonates throughout the landscape.


Common aeroplane-related elements were translated into the landscape details; becoming unique landscape elements such as seating, planting and signage; and together they give the site a powerful, imaginative and fun landscape that is the escape the workers need and one that helps reflect to visitors the commercial identity and branding of each tenant present.


Client | Huaxia Real Estate Beijing

Date | January 2014

Design Team | Loci Studio – Design Led by Marc Deuschle. Project Team – Jin Bai, Ruizhe Zhou and Xueting Liu.

Other Consultants | Miland Design – Local Landscape Design Institute

Image & Text CreditsLoci Studio

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