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The town square is located in the center of the future Europacity north of the main station in Berlin’s  Heidestraße  district. He is as an interface between the boardwalk and Heidestraße of great importance for the entire district structure and their identity formation. Also important is he to the development of a spatial relationship between the spaces of the quarter and as a new connection item, on the ship canal. The town square is also an important part of the tourism infrastructure in this historically important place of the Berlin division.

Landscape architects relais Landschaftsarchitekten aims to develop a strong urban gesture and refers thereby conceptually aware of the its place within Berlin. The formal design language should not be influenced by history, but respond to the spatial conditions and the current usage requirements.


The court surface is to differentiated into the inner court, and a frame, which makes reference to the ground plan of the corresponding surrounding buildings and in the east includes a promenade along the course of the Berlin-Spandau canal. This framework provides attractive options for use for outdoor dining.


The central green space includes a clustered tree grove of swamp-oaks and ornamental apples, which thickens toward the edges of the square and opens out onto the channel. The grove gives the space a strong spatial structure whilst simultaneously opening a westerly vista over the canal bridge (yet to be formalised in May 2014).  

A water feature arises in the middle of the square including two water play areas made of granite slabs. The water cascades and includes various height water jets to add drama to the water play. This water feature adds a sense of atmosphere to the square and has a positive cooling effect on the microclimate. The water feature can be turned off and be used for temporary events.

The new concept of the future central city square of Europacity creates a memorable and recognizable design, which may significantly contributes to the identity of the neighborhood. The new square gives a sense of place and whilst providing spaces for informal activities.

The design for the square was designed by the landscape architects relais Landschaftsarchitekten, which had also won the competition for the waterfront . The construction of the square will occur in 2016 when the Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment secures the € 4.3 million funding require to make the central square a reality.

Image Credit | relais Landschaftsarchitekten
Text |  Translated from German supplied by Senate Department for Urban Development and Environment

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