Calgary’s Calatrava footbridge unveiled

Calgary Herald reports

CALGARY – The newly released design for the city’s new pedestrian bridge has been derided by some Calgarians as a gaudy red waste of $24.5 million, and praised by others as a sleek, elegant contribution to downtown Calgary.

But to the architect, Santiago Calatrava, the Bow span is the most accessible, functional and technically challenging one he’s ever made…

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IMAGE SOURCE: City of Calgary
IMAGE CREDIT: Santiago Calatrava

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  1. A red and white drinking straw lying across the river might be dramatic but it has no place in this otherwise beautiful, natural setting. It’s just jarring to look at, and it’s not built to last, so the future costs of repair and replacement make this a terrible use of public money. There are bridges of all sorts in the UK and Europe that have lasted for hundreds of years and this site deserves better, much better.

  2. This Bridge is only possible in drawings and video animation. Nothing is realistic about this so called bridge.It’s comparable to a cartoon creation.
    I’m sure no contractor in his right mind will dare
    to bid in building this structure ,or if they do so,
    will encounter lots of headache and cost overruns.
    I feel sorry for all the Calgarians who will bear all the cost of this waste.

  3. This bridge is obnoxious and unsitely.It looks like a used kotex dried hard,or a dried stick of dog dirt with a tape worm wrapped around it.The bridge should be renamed the Piece of shit bridge.Will it support the weight of an impaired driver and vehicle in a high speed chase.This bridge should be chamouflage as so not to draw the wrath of the techno art haters.Perhaps they should move the helipad and design a proper bridge. Yours sincerely, Farley Wombat

  4. As a senior architecture student, this design is actually quite disappointing. It just doesn’t fit the site. Here’s a fine example of a project that should have been opened up to a competition. And if the City of Calgary has its heart set on a Calatrava design, then they’d best ask him for a few alternative designs before settling on one.

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