Built Residential – 2019 WLA Awards Shortlist

DBX Ranch  | Image Credit: D.A. Horchner / Design Workshop, Inc.

DBX Ranch – Aspen, Colorado, USA – Design Workshop
The landscape reflects its high-altitude environment with context-sensitive and sustainable strategies that re-establish indigenous plant communities and enhanced wildlife habitats. Together, with a significant reforestation of Ponderosa pine, over 67,000 square feet of previously disturbed landscape is restored into a native meadow. Naturalized groupings of spruce trees and woody shrubs, along with cattails, sedges and other aquatic plant materials are interspersed along the pond’s edge, cooling the water and creating fish habitat in the shadows of the overhanging vegetation.

Godrej Platinum | Image: MiA Studio

Godrej Platinum – Kolkata, India – One Landscape
The design brief for Godrej Platinum Development is to create a community of spacious dwellings located in an exemplary landscaped environment with spectacular existing trees. With numerous features, facilities and amenities it is designed to make city living a memorable, safe and timeless experience.

Ink, Residential Cultural Display Pavilion | Image Credit – GVL (Gossamer)

Ink, Residential Cultural Display Pavilion – Xiamen, P.R. China – GVL (Gossamer)
Ink, Residential Display Pavilion as part of The Jimei Residential Village is located on the fringes of Xiamen City nestled within the scenic mountain ranges. The development is founded in a region steeped in Chinese calligraphy culture and tradition, the pavilion is intended to convey this essence and form a cultural repository for visitors and local residents.

Wasatch Back Residence | Image Credit: D.A. Horchner / Design Workshop, Inc.

Wasatch Back Residence – Utah, USA  – Design Workshop
Over a period of weeks, the design team worked in close collaboration with the contractor, engineers and surveyors to successfully expose and record the stratified layers of bedrock. Through specialized equipment and craftsman-like hand excavation, contractors carefully sculpted the raw escarpment into a dynamic feature. Beyond, the native landscape remained intact and undisturbed. The resulting effect, when juxtaposed to the architecture, offers a dynamic experience during all seasons.

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