Student Project | Urban Refill | Jinyi Yang, Qingyi Li & Chongyang Ren

July 20, 2019,AEST

Industrial wasteland and the ecological consequence remains as an unsettling crisis and has become a universal issue in the development of the city, including the site which included oil tank factory surrounded by several residential lands under the background of global energy transformation. So we tried to explore the possibility | Read More

SUND Nature Park | Copenhagen, Denmark | SLA

July 17, 2019,AEST

SUND Nature Park by SLA is a whole new type of modern campus park that strengthens the good study and research life while providing a wide range of biological, functional and social values to the surrounding city. Research and public life fused SUND Nature Park surrounds the iconic Mærsk Tower | Read More

Sanlin Valley Park | Shanghai, China | TLS

July 16, 2019,AEST

Sanlin Valley Park represents a new landscape model for urban ventilation corridors. These new “urban valley parks” that transect Shanghai will restore the Huangpu River’s ecological network and improve the city’s natural ventilation systems. The site of Sanlin Valley Park spans an area of 240.6 hectares located at a confluence | Read More

Student Project | Three Stacks and the Rock | David Koo

June 30, 2019,AEST

The Morro Bay Power Plant closed in 2014 due to unaffordable upgrades, environmental regulations, and a lack of energy demand. Built in 1955, the 100-acre natural gas power plant powered much of the cities of the Central Valley. It remains as a landmark of the region, the Three Stacks each | Read More

Bud and Susie Rogers Garden | Akron, Ohio | OLIN

June 28, 2019,AEST

The Bud and Susie Rogers Garden is a gift to the people of Akron, made possible through dedicated local support, a visionary mission of stewardship and community advocacy, and the ingenuity and collaboration of local builders and craftsmen. The site was challenging: an unforgivingly steep surface parking lot spanned the | Read More

Built Residential – 2019 WLA Awards Shortlist

April 11, 2019,AEST

DBX Ranch – Aspen, Colorado, USA – Design Workshop The landscape reflects its high-altitude environment with context-sensitive and sustainable strategies that re-establish indigenous plant communities and enhanced wildlife habitats. Together, with a significant reforestation of Ponderosa pine, over 67,000 square feet of previously disturbed landscape is restored into a native meadow. | Read More