Books for your holiday reading list

It is that time of year over the next six-eight weeks of festive holidays you are either settling inside in front of the fire getting out of the cold or sitting by the beach soaking up the sun so I put together a reading list to give you a great start to 2019.

Staging Urban Landscapes by B. Cannon Ivers

Staging Urban Landscapes is a collection of essays and case studies that provide written and visual representation (photos, plans, axonometric) of various urban spaces from around the world. The case studies are well presented with information and graphics along with high-quality photos that allow the reader to understand the scale, elements (benches, tables, planters), and programs (for varying events) of the urban spaces.

Codify: Parametric and Computational Design in Landscape Architecture
A book that is well curated providing many thought-provoking ideas, theories and paradigms to challenge readers in their thinking about digital technology and its role in landscape architecture. The contributors address many issues that face landscape architecture including climate change, city densification, site responsive design, evidence-based design and how hardware and coding can be utilised at varying scales (body, site, city, country).

Representing Landscapes: Hybrid edited by Nadia Amoroso looks at various methodologies and projects that utilise a Hybrid and mixed media approach to create diagrams, plans, and illustrations (renders/perspectives). From photoshop with plans to hand drawings overlaid on photos and other mixtures of medium (digital and analog), the book seeks to showcase the myriad of methods and examples that are available to today’s landscape architect.

Overgrown: Practices Between Landscape Architecture and Gardening by Julian Raxworthy

A call for landscape architects to leave the office and go into the garden. Addressing one of the most repressed subjects in landscape architecture, this book could only have been written by someone who is both an experienced gardener and a landscape architect.

Shaping the Postwar Landscape: New Profiles from the Pioneers of American Landscape Design Project – by Charles A. Birnbaum and Scott Craver 
Shaping the Postwar Landscape is the latest contribution to the Cultural Landscape Foundation’s well-known reference project, Pioneers of American Landscape Design, the first volume of which appeared nearly a quarter of a century ago. The present collection features profiles of seventy-two important figures, including landscape architects, architects, planners, artists, horticulturists, and educators.

Hope you enjoy reading these books over the holidays and into 2019.


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