Beijing Super Music Farmstead | Beijing, China | L&A Design

Beijing Super Music Farmstead was designed to renovate and reuse the abandoned farmstead as a vacation area for the surrounding community that combines music performances, children interaction, multi-functional buildings, and lead music brands to organise shows.

Although the natural resources around the site are nice, the farmstead has lost its economic vitality. According to the nature of its forestry land, it’s necessary to create a natural landscape to strike a fine balance between humans and nature in combination with the functional area and restore land value. To promote the development of the local tourism economy and integrate the farmstead into the current surrounding through the means of low-impact development, this project transforms the original buildings into multi-functional buildings so that it can provide an immersive natural vacation with a music experience resort for the surrounding residents. The landscape blurs the boundaries of the site environment by creating a natural landscape at the border site, so that makes a sense of infinite experience.

Based on the principles of respecting nature and low cost, this design retains the existing structure to create a suitable functional scene, keeping all the existing trees and their natural environment as much as possible. In addition, replenishing arbors and shrubs appropriately and the ground are planted by seed, including trampling-resistant lawns, flowers (Cosmos sulphureus and Trifolium repens), etc. On the site, the existing space with a single function was lacking in aesthetics and practicality. The original orchard with wasteland was designed as an outdoor parent-child hydrophilia space combined with handicraft workshops. And the abandoned vegetable field was transformed into an open music lawn connected to the bar and restaurants that were renovated as an outdoor casual dining space.

Two existing poplar forests have been preserved, and one of them was renovated for camping. Soil-retaining slope protection was designed with rubble retaining walls and Sabina vulgaris, offering guests a feeling of being emerged in nature. The path under the forest increases the visual sense of movement and improves people’s walking interests. The low-lying terrain is designed as a hydrophilic art terrain which can allow children to immerse themselves in the process of exploring nature.

The materials chosen are weathering steel, bamboo and wood, rubble, crushed stone, and other rusticity materials, which maximizes the use of the original nature and vertical relationship through a low-cost way that can not only reflect the atmosphere of mountain forest but connect functional site so that it can create a harmonious ecological environment between human and nature, also increase land value.

Beijing Super Music Farmstead is full of nature, dreams, and vitality in the suburbs of the city through the landscape under a music atmosphere, in a paradise where adults and children can enjoy themselves together. It’s optimized to improve the ecological environment and relieve citizens’ pressure and create a harmonious environment between humans and nature.

Beijing Super Music Farmstead | Beijing, China | L&A Design

Landscape Architect: L&A Design

Director: Baozhang Li, Kongbo Ouyang, Mengyao Zhu

Landscape Architect: Yongbei Guan, Shengnan Li, Yuxiao Wang, Bo Han

Planting Designer: Dongxue Xin, Yingran Xie, Lili Zheng

Photographer: YH Visual Studio, ZOOM Zhuoink photography, Mengyao Zhu

Clint: Beijing YanGo

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