Agence Ter and Team win the Pershing Square design competition


Agence Ter and Team were recently announced as winners of the Pershing Square Renew design competition. Pershing Square Renew announced an international Design Competition in the Summer of 2015 to Reimagine the Heart of Los Angeles. On April 28, 2016, the four finalists presented their proposals to a packed theater of over 1,000 local citizens who were invited to share their aspirations and insights. The finalists included SWA | Morphosis; wHY+Civitas; James Corner Field Operations with Fredrick Fisher and Partners and Agence Ter and Team.

Agence Ter and Team from Pershing Square Renew on Vimeo.

The design proposal balances notions of a park and a square, hardscape and green lawn, sun and shade, and metropolitan and local. The main project elements — the smart canopy with the boxes, the gardens with the tree canopy, the urban edges and the great lawn — are each specific, yet with very different expressions and articulations of this continuous surface idea.


Agence Ter and Team vision are eight ambitions to renew Pershing Square, creating a dynamic and welcoming public space for Downtown Los Angeles.


As a vital green link between Broadway and Grand Avenue, and between South Park and Bunker Hill, Pershing Square will become a destination and an important node from landscape, social, cultural and economic points of view, reconnecting to its immediate context and resonating outward towards the edges of downtown and beyond to the rest of Los Angeles. The park is poised to connect important cultural destinations on the north, such as MOCA, the Broad Museum, The Music Center including Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Cathedral of Los Angeles; to the iconic urban and cultural boulevard of Broadway, the Jewelry and Fashion Districts and the expanding Arts District to the east; to the office workers of Bunker Hill to the west; to the entertainment and hospitality venues of LA Live to the south. All this layered complexity can connect and and flourish through a renewed public space that embraces the idea of an everyday destination for the entire, complex workforce and the diverse residents of Downtown Los Angeles, serving as an important link on the scale of the entire city.

With the aim of being capable of realizing the vision for Pershing Square, Agence Ter is pleased to propose a team, largely established in Downtown LA and rich in experience in designing and constructing exceptional spaces that welcome the public.



To complement the experiences of its European office, Agence Ter Landscape Urbanists will partner with the local landscape architecture firm SALT Landscape Architects. We will also work with specialized partners Deborah Murphy Urban Design + Planning and Fehr & Peers, Transportation ConsultantsCommunity Arts Resources LA, Urban Programming, Kelly Shannon,  Pentagram, Branding,Still Room, Wayfinding and Graphic DesignRachel Allen ArchitectureKPFF, Structural / Civil Engineers,M-E Engineering, Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing EngineersLeo Villareal, Light Artist and Lighting Design Alliance, Architectural Lighting Design.


Find out more and download the winning proposal at RENEW – Pershing Square 


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