A New Face For Darwin Revealed

Two years in the making, the new face for Darwin has been revealed by Darwin Waterfront Corporation.  What started as a review of the existing developments aquatic facilities, was reimagined in partnership with Place Design Group and Liquid Blu into Australia’s leading leisure and entertainment destination.

Darwin Waterfront Corporation released the plans as they look to garner funding support from all levels of government, and in particular, $200m from the Federal Government, to transition the design into a reality. Leading the master planning vision, Clint Wood, Place Design Group Design Director said,

“We are incredibly proud of the integrated master plan we have developed.  When we first took our vision to the project team it was a bold step – to take an existing 1.9ha single layered offering and transform it into a world-class destination with multi layers of activation to attract and engage all ages and abilities.”

“We wanted to showcase the very best of the Northern Territory and capitalised on the outdoor tropical lifestyle, picturesque scenery, and cosmopolitan atmosphere.  The team worked hard to achieve a design that would deliver an authentic destination unlike anything else seen before in Australia, integrating meaningful cultural and learning experiences.”

The newly released, Stage Two development includes a central cove with a surf park, waterfront pools and playground, a tropical lagoon and the potential for an integrated resort hotel overlooking the water.

Darwin Waterfront Corporation General Manager Sam Burke says the development would be a game changer for Darwin, with a world-first tropical lagoon.

“The Corporation has revealed a world-class master plan thanks to the efforts of its consultant team Place Design Group and Liquid Blu. Few opportunities exist to revolutionise the face of an Australian capital city in the way our master plan can for Darwin.”

“[The master plan would have] corals propagated both naturally and using 3D printing, that you can harness natural coral onto, and full to the brim of tropical fish.  This is the type of natural marine activity that exists off Darwin’s coast, but only few people go and see because there are a lot of sharks and crocodiles and stingers.”

“Then we add on top of that over 4,000 square metres of new swimming pools, 2.8hectares of new public parklands, adventure playgrounds, multi-purpose spaces, and a variety of hospitality facilities.”

“It has been exceptional working with the team on delivering the vision, I now look forward to securing the funding and working to make the project a reality,” says Sam.

The transformational expansion of Darwin Waterfront would not only be a catalyst for the city, but for the Northern Territory as a whole. As the internationally recognised gateway to Kakadu and key link to Southeast Asia, Darwin has great opportunity to become an increasingly important player for Australian tourism.

By giving Darwin Waterfront a new face, it will transform and unlock the city to create a more energised, better connected, and highly activated public place that locals love, and tourists will want to visit.

Darwin Waterfront 

Location: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Year: 2022

Designers: Place Design Group, Liquid Blu

Image: ©Darwin Waterfront

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