2024 WLA Awards | Call for Entries

The World Landscape Architecture (WLA) Awards are a prestigious global awards program celebrating excellence and innovation in landscape architecture. Organized annually, the awards showcase outstanding projects demonstrating exceptional creativity, sustainability, and environmental impact. The WLA awards highlight the diverse range of landscapes, from urban parks and public spaces to residential gardens and ecological restoration projects, fostering a sense of community and connection with nature.

Past winners of WLA Awards include DELVA, Sasaki, dwg., Felixx, LDA Design, Lab D+H, TLS, OJB Landscape Architecture, SHUISHI 水石设计, Atelier Scale 大小景观, MKSK, Gossamer, OLIN, Stoss Landscape Urbanism, LandLAB, Baljon landscape architects, SLA, PLACE, C.F. Møller Architects, ASDISKY, Ken Smith Workshop and many others.

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Professional Jury

WLA is honoured to have the following experienced jurors to judge the 2024 Professional Awards.

Lauren Cantrell | Principal and Founder, DELINEATOR
Hanneke Kijne | Landscape architect and Owner, MORE landscape
Zhongwei Li | Founding Principal Lab D+H Shanghai
Manguesh R. Prabhugaonker | Architect & Landscape Architect
Sophie Thompson | Director and Head of Public Realm at LDA Design
Kongjian Yu | Founder and Principal Designer, Turenscape
Special Juror – Charles A. Birnbaum | President + CEO, The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Landscape Architecture and Landscape Design Firms can enter the Professional Awards. Organisations and companies may enter landscape architecture projects on behalf of the designer. However, they must have written permission from the landscape architect or design firm to submit the project.

Projects must be a concept or built during 2019-2024. Entrants can enter multiple projects but must purchase a registration for each entry. Built projects must have construction completed. Conceptual projects can be in various stages, such as conceptual, schematic, design development, detailed design, and construction; however, built photos should NOT be included in a conceptual category submission.

Any entries (projects) that have previously won an Award of Excellence, Merit Award, or Honour Award cannot enter the 2024 Professional Awards. Any previously shortlisted entries can be entered in this year’s WLA Awards if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Professional Awards include the following categories:

  • Built – Small Landscape Design (Smaller than 1,000 sq. metres/10000 sq. foot)
  • Built – Large Landscape Design (Large greater than 1000 sq. metres/10000 sq. foot)
  • Built – Urban Design
  • Built – Private Residential Design (including single dwelling gardens)
  • Built – Commercial Residential Design (including showflats, apartments, residential estates, housing developments, etc.)
  • Conceptual – Small Landscape Design (Smaller than 1,000 sq. metres/10000 sq. foot)
  • Conceptual – Large Landscape Design (Large greater than 1000 sq. metres/10000 sq. foot)
  • Conceptual – Residential Design (including private and commercial residential landscapes)
  • Conceptual – Analysis and Planning
  • Conceptual – Urban Design
  • The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) Cultural Landscape Award

More information about the WLA Awards Categories


Built and Conceptual categories

  • Award of Excellence (1 per category) – WLA Awards Trophy, WLA Awards Certificate, Featured on WLA during 2024.
  • Merit Award (up to 2 per category) -WLA Award Certificate, published on WLA during 2024.
  • Honourable Mention (up to 3 per category) – WLA Award Certificate
  • Shortlisted (between 5-12 projects per category) WLA Shortlist Certificate

Editor’s Award – WLA Awards Trophy, Featured on WLA in 2024.

The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) Cultural Landscape Award – WLA Awards Trophy, Featured on WLA in 2024.

Registration Fee

Professional WLA Awards Entry Fee – $250AUD (approx. 170USD, 160EUR, 1150CNY)

Purchase your Registration

Purchase an Entry Registration (via this link), and payment can be made via Credit Card, Paypal or Alipay.
To purchase with Alipay, you should select AUD (Australian Dollars).

Upon purchasing the entry, you will receive an email with links to a zip and rar file that includes the Awards Template, Entry Guide[PDF], Example Layout, and WLA Awards Declaration. Check your spam and add [email protected] to your allowlist or accepted email addresses.

Information Sessions & Entry Guide

WLA will hold Information Sessions via webinar on Wednesday, March 6 & Wednesday, March 13.

You can download the Entry Guide[PDF] for more information

2024 WLA Awards – Oproep tot inzendingen, 2024 WLA Auszeichnungen Aufruf zur Einreichung von Bewerbungen, 2024 WLA Prix appel à candidatures, Convocatoria para los Premios WLA 2024, 2024 WLA 大奖开始报名:景观界享有盛誉的全球性奖项, 2024 WLAアワード – 作品募集, 2024 WLA 어워드 – 출품작모집


Registration Deadline
Registrations (payment of Entry Fees) must be purchased (and finalised) by 11:59 AM on Saturday, March 23, 2024, Sydney, Australia Time.

Questions Deadline
Questions regarding submissions before 11:59 AM on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, Sydney, Australia Time.
Submit any questions to 
[email protected] in English

Submission Deadline
All entries must be submitted via email before 11:59 AM, Saturday, March 30, 2024, Sydney, Australia Time.

Please pay attention to the deadline time in relation to your time zone. Late entries are not accepted due to misunderstanding the deadline time (time zone/s). We encourage you to allocate enough time before the deadline to edit, collate, and layout your submission.

Submission Requirements

Awards Submission

The Awards submission should include the following:

  • A maximum five (5) pages (A3 format – landscape orientation) using the WLA template will only be accepted (which is supplied as a download link via email after purchasing an entry registration)
  • Project Description Page is the first page is one (1) page of text (maximum 500 words – no images). The Images Pages are the next four (4) pages with project images (multiple images can be placed on each image page). Each image can include a 25-word maximum caption. The captions are optional.
  • Complete the page footer which must include the Project Name (the name of the project), Category and the Entry Number.
  • Submissions must be in English
  • Do not change the font, font style or font size in the template for any text including the footer.
  • No company or designers or client names or recognisable graphics/logos can be included within the project name, text or images.
  • Awards submissions shall be less than 10Mb in pdf formatThe pdf file only need to be screen resolution (96 dpi) for juries to review.
  • The WLA Awards Declaration form shall be completed and submitted in pdf format.

Submission Email

  • The Awards submission should be submitted via email to [email protected] by the deadline.
  • The Entry Submission File should be in pdf format and an email attachment. The file name should have the entry number, entry name and category. E.g. 70125-Garden Rooms-Built-Residential.pdf The entry file should be five (5) separate pages (not spreads).
  • Include the WLA Awards Declaration as a pdf file as an attachment, and the file name should include the entry number. E.g. 70126-WLA Awards Declaration.pdf
  • Include the Entry Number, Project Name, Landscape Company/Designer Name, Collaborators (Architect, Engineers, Client, etc as applicable) and Image Credits(Photographer, Rendering Company, etc as applicable) as text in the submission email. Not as a separate text file.
  • Before submitting, ensure that you have thoroughly checked the pdf files (Entry Submission File and the Awards Declaration) before submitting. We will no longer accept updated or revised entries.
  • Do not send file links to file services such as Wetransfer, QQ, Weixin, Dropbox, Onedrive or similar. The files should be an attachment (not embedded) to the Submission Email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put images on the first page?
No, the first page is for text only. No images, graphics, logos, or other representations should be placed on the first page.

Can I change the border, font, layout, etc, of the Template?
No changes should be made to the template to maintain equality between the entries. The font, border, entry number location, size, and layout should be as supplied in the template.

Can I put text on the images?
Text can only be put on images to provide labels or critical information, such as labels on a plan or diagram or an image caption(25 words or less), there is no prescribed font for the captions. No long text, such as paragraphs, etc., should be placed on images or as captions.

Can I put more than one image per image page?
Yes, you can put multiple images on one page (excluding the first page) as you wish.

What happens if we do not comply with the above?
All entries are reviewed for text length and caption length. Any submission that does not comply with the submission requirements is disqualified.

I can’t find my order/entry number?
The order number you receive after purchasing a registration entry is also your entry number and can be found in your first email. If you do not receive your order email within 48 hours after purchasing, please contact [email protected]

How many times can I enter my project with one registration?
One registration allows you to submit one entry for one category. For example, if you wish to enter two projects in the same or another category, you must purchase two (2) registrations. That is, for each entry, you require a registration.

Can I see a copy of previous years’ winning submissions?
No. You cannot see past winners’ submissions. However, you can download an example layout for reference. You can review past winners on our website for 2023, 2022, 2021, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

If you have any further questions, please submit them via email to [email protected] before 11:59 AM on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, Sydney, Australia Time.

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