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Inspired by Zen way of life and developed on only 60m2 roof in Sofia center, the Zen rooftop garden offers a quiet space, filled with sense and meaning, inspiring peace and respect for nature.

The garden’s design is based on the five nature elements – fire, earth, metal, water, wood and their power to World’s directions. Each element and plant have their purpose and exact place, encouraging meditation and spirituality. The Zen garden’s a symbol of worship to nature, symbolizing harmony and balance.

Everything found in nature – mountains, trees, rocks, etc. is symbolically represented in the garden. The contrast in texture, shape and color of the elements is a basic design technique. The effect of mystery and surprise is sought creating landscapes that can’t be observed all at once – a hill inviting you to peek what’s behind, walkway leading to a hidden retreat corner. Islands are the accents of the garden, creating illusion of diverse landscapes. Vegetation screens provide privacy and give opportunity to contemplate nature, undisturbed. The jagged leaves of Japanese maple reflect in the small water basin creating a sense of infinity, while the sound of flowing water promotes the soothing nature of the Zen Garden.

The plant species are chosen for their symbolism. Deciduous trees as Acer palmatum, Olive europeae are pruned in typical shapes, resembling century-old trees. The conifers Pinus sylvestris and Pinus mugo symbolize longevity and stability, providing the calming effect of green throughout the year. The Bamboo’s an important structural element creating intimacy while providing background for views in the garden. Its nearness to the water creates authenticity of the space. As Zen garden, the colors here are evanescent, gently reminding of the short nature of life and inspiring thoughts and self-assessment.

Natural surroundings and view of Vitosha Mountain are skillfully included as a ” loan landscape”, which makes the atmosphere of the area even more enchanting.

The typical gray roof of the building is transformed in a green oasis. A place not only for the owner’s pleasure, but attracting wild nature by providing food and habitats for pollinators and birds.

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