ZAC Le Croissant | Paris, France | Topotek 1

Located next to La Defense at the western sector of Paris‘Axe royal, the Le Croissant project seeks to define a design language that responds to the surroundings characterised by architecture of the 70s.

Encouraging the notion of diversity and accessibility, the place hosts a collection of eclectic international spectacles that in turn, address and solve the common issue of spatial programming: it is not just the children and their parents who can find a place here, but also young adults who are often overlooked.

Following a unified colour code that uses yellow, green and black as basic hues, the objects scattered along the site provide for seating, workout, physical activities, and games with flexible rules – the participants are invited to make up and change them however they want. Planting adds up to the same concept: just like the diverse objects, the trees are brought from all over the world.

In the meantime, on a more technical level, „green basins“dotted all over the site simplify and improve the water filtering process: they collect water from the territory and then filter it directly into the groundwater.

ZAC Le Croissant | Paris, France | Topotek 1

Location: Paris/Nanterre, France

Client: EPADESA Public Planning Agency of La Défense Seine Arche

Landscape Architecture: Topotek 1

Collaboration: Les Eclairagistes Associés, OGI Engineers

Invited Tender Process: 2013 | Selected Proposal

Planning: 2013-2018

Completion: 2020

Size: 8 ha

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