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Yongtai Park is located in the core area of Yinzhou district, Ningbo city. It is an urban park surrounded by a modern commercial complex, as a prime location of a transportation hub and has metro stations. The design is planned with the concept of a “green core of vitality”, aiming to create a memorable landscape landmark involving visual enjoyment and ecological leisure. With diversified space choices and beautiful landscape curves, visitors can find space to meet their own needs, whether it is longing for tranquillity or exploring the culture. One can feel a sense of leisure and satisfaction walking in the park where the gurgling water, green plants, and fresh air will take away the trivialities and fatigue of daily life.

The original site had problems of chaotic traffic flow organization, low crossing efficiency, lack of vitality in space, and lack of features in the interface, which did not bring out the true value of the plot. Our design organizes three-dimensional circulation by integrating the upper and lower transportation hubs to construct an ecological drainage system, and incorporate public services and entertainment facilities. Finally, through the creation of an independent design language and theme color system, the park stands out from the complex business circle and act as a “processor” of the transportation hub, which also becomes the vitality core and spiritual landmark of the area.

The concept of flow runs through the design as a whole. The space design method utilizes more relaxing curves instead of straight lines. At the same time, many different types of ornamental grasses are used in the plant configuration to delineate the boundary and also play the role of softening the space borderline which is full of rustic charm. Moreover, through the design of different walking paths, the flow of people in the park can produce diversified interaction in different spaces.

Yongtai Park focuses on natural and green oriented ecological system, creating a rich urban public space experience, which not only reflects the unique interface of the site, but also achieves a balance between economic development and enjoyment of citizens. The landscape becomes a medium organizing the form and function of the city. The design greatly improves the traffic efficiency and walking experience in the business district where the project is located, strengthens the interaction between the surrounding communities and the urban public space, and helps shaping the spirit of the Ningbo city.

Yongtai Park

Location: Intersection of Qianhu North Road and Songjiang Middle Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, P.R. China.

Landscape Design: Ningbo Urban Construction Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Chief designer: Hu Fengsheng

Projcet Team: Zhu Feng, Ren Hui, Chen Wei, Pan Jiening, Jiang Wenjie, Zhang Wenying, Liu Yue, Lin Yuqing, He Guohong, Fang Pei, Chen Liyuan

Architecture Chief Leader: Chen Weina

Architecture: Chen Xiaoliang

Structure: Zheng Xiaoyu

Water supply and drainage: Wang Bo

Hydroelectric design: Ye Liming

HVAC: Lou Yanjing

Computerization: Le Wei

Fine Decoration: Wang Xiaoqin

Municipal Plan: Wang Xiaohui

Client: Ningbo Yincheng Group Co., Ltd.

Photography: He Zhenhuan, Jiang Wenjie, Chen Haijun

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