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Shancheng Alley is the only street in Chongqing named after “Mountain City” and is known as Chongqing’s “Architecture Museum”. In December 2021, Shancheng Lane was included in the “Second Batch of Protected List of Historic Place Names in Chongqing”. – Architectural History Yan Oi Tong is a cultural relic protection unit. It was founded by the French Catholic Sisters of Mary Francis in 1902. It is the first western hospital in Chongqing. In 2009, it was rated as one of the “Top Ten Classic Old Buildings Influencing Chongqing”. – Space renovation of historical sites Some of the ruins of the collapsed buildings have become corner sites of crowded old streets. Reintegrating and redefining this space to give it a new lease of life is the purpose of the renovation.

Project Challenge

Inheritance and innovation of history and culture in the venue Design Strategy Using a protective design approach with micro-renovation, the building is restored, and the existing resources in the area are activated. It retains the historical charm while giving new vitality to the site, improving the quality of life of the surrounding residents. We implement projects through environmentally sustainable design strategies that evoke historical memories and reactivate the site.

Design Details

Theatre stage – the core node theatre stage, which can be used as a mirror water feature at ordinary times and becomes a stage when there is a performance; along the left wall, the left stone is used to increase the height to ensure safety and beauty. The architectural relics left on the first floor are kept in the original state to the maximum extent and will be used as a space for activities in the future. Strip Stone Garden – The grandstand area is distributed in the highest elevation area, retaining the original big trees. Designed around the big trees, which retains the original memory of the site and provides a comfortable outdoor leisure space. Using the waste strips of the site as landscape benches, you can feel the site’s past and witness the site’s future. Bell Tower Garden – Appropriate bell tower restoration and reinforcement, fully integrated into the garden space. The distinctive bell tower is different from other old buildings in Chongqing and has a unique style.

The rustic landscape design reflects our respect for and protection of history, and a dialogue with history. While awakening people’s memories of “Old Chongqing”, it also evokes the most simple and true emotions in our hearts. All elements record our beautiful stories here. We recreate every scene in history through the use of scene interpretation in the venue. It is a stele symbolizing Chongqing culture, a precious heritage left over from history, and a testimony of people’s past stories. It has cultural, innovative, artistic, ecological, and aesthetic artistic values.

YAN OI TONG · Wilderness Theater Garden

Location: Chongqing, China

Design Area: 5000㎡

Landscape Architect: Donehome Design

Client: Yonghong Manufacturing

Construction: Yonghong Manufacturing

Photographer: Wei Ke

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