Wuhan MixC | Wuhan, China | AECOM

The Wuhan MixC mixed-use development prioritized the design of a unique city landmark that reflects and celebrates Wuhan’s quality of life, rich culture, and landscapes. Inspired by the city’s rich culture and landscape, the design utilized the artful brushwork of calligraphy and the diverse colors and textures of the landscape to create the conceptual framework that drives the creation of the forms, spaces, and textures of the landscape design.

The entire site is organized to build on a new urban identity with distinct and active programming, important landscape and architectural nodes, and lush, vibrant plantings. Great emphasis was placed on respecting and accentuating the rich natural qualities of Wuhan.

The overall concept utilized the artful brush techniques of calligraphy to define the landscape zones of the project. A bold ‘City’ stroke expresses the main street presence, a fluid ‘Lifestyle’ stroke defines the inner shopping street, and a delicate ‘Garden’ stroke articulates the residential areas of the development and its connection to the nearby lake park. This holistic concept speaks to the design’s celebration of place and the uniqueness and beauty of Wuhan.

The sunken plaza combines a staircase integrated with a sitting step, water cascade, and planters as a terracing landscape that brings people together, helps define a place, integrates nature, and creates an environment that celebrates life. In designing the landscape, making an artful, meaningful, and green environment is integral to our place-making vision. As a result, it has successfully become a popular urban destination that sets a benchmark for future mixed-use developments.

Wuhan MixC | Wuhan, China | AECOM

Landscape architecture: AECOM

Client: China Resources Co. Ltd. (CRLand)

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