WLA welcomes Reliance Foundry as a new partner

Reliance Foundry - A backless silver bench with leafy cutouts overlooks the ocean and a brilliant blue sky beside a seawall path
New laser-cut aluminum benches are lightweight and flat pack for easy shipping and installation.

World Landscape Architecture is happy to announce that Reliance Foundry has recently joined as a WLA Partner. We are always excited to have new partners join our website as it provides us with insight into the industry but also allows us to continue to publish great landscape architecture projects, news and information. We thank Reliance Foundry for joining and look forward to working with them in the future.

Read on to learn more about our new partner Reliance Foundry

At Reliance Foundry, our mission is to help make places people want to be.  

Reliance Foundry - Black bollards with spherical caps are placed along the curb in front of a brick baseball stadium
Traditional R-7539 bollards made of cast ducile iron protect Fenway Stadium in Boston.

We craft products to create a welcoming, safe, beautiful spaces using our 95 years of metallurgical expertise. Once, we were a foundry that made custom castings for local clients. With an early online presence—one of the first foundries to become digital—we found a niche in providing the highest-quality architectural stock furnishings for the North American market. Our signature lines feature decorative, flexible, and crash-rated bollards used to define pedestrian spaces, separate bike lanes, and protect people and property. To complement our bollards, we offer a site furnishings line, featuring unique laser-cut benches and screens that add decorative flair to needed amenities.  

Reliance Foundry - Stainless steel bollards provide guidance around a traffic circle where an impressive stainless steel sculpture stands in front of a copper-windowed building.
Simple columnar stainless-steel bollards can be installed embedded in concrete or in retractable or removable mounts to allow for variable access.
Reliance Foundry - Fluted columnar black bollards curve around the traffic circle in front of a red brick train station.
R-7535 decorative steel bollards protect San Jose’s Diridion Train Station.

Always evolving and comfortable in the digital space, Reliance is now equipping site furnishings with sensors that provide information for site maintenance and alert for extreme events. For example, onsite sensors monitor water levels in sewers, rivers, and bioswales and alert against overflow. Maintenance crews can be dispatched before great damage is done. Waste management routes are easier to optimize with in-bin sensors that show levels across the city. With cloud-based data processing, big sites and municipalities can monitor their infrastructure at a distance, providing cost efficiencies and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.  

Reliance Foundry - Circular steel bike racks echo the logo at a car dealership. A line of new cars is parked in front of a glass and concrete building.
The R-8224 Ring Rack, made of structural steel, provides the recommended 2 points of contact with a bike frame.

Learn more about Reliance Foundry at https://reliance-foundry.com/

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