WLA welcomes Insite as a Partner

WLA is fortunate to be able to call many of the design firms from around the world as partners. This year we welcome InSite as a Partner and thank them for their support and look forward to working with them in 2019.

InSite are urban designers, planners and landscape architects who share a love for the craft of designing the built environment.  They are a diverse studio of designers from around the world with studios in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha.  InSite is a unique division of KEO International Consultants, a firm with over a half century of delivering projects throughout the Gulf and a proud legacy to match.  

Their approach to design focuses precision and simplicity while being paired with a playful ambition that drives us to create spectacular places for people to inhabit that are environmentally beneficial.

At InSite they engage the human scale when creating our places, from macro-scale of spatial urban planning to micro-scale of bespoke landscape elements, design detailing and everything in between.  All projects are interrogated through their collaborative viewpoint of considered design, tailored to client’s needs, sensitive to the unique ecologies, cultures and the communities that we inhabit.  Insite becomes immersed in their client’s ambitions as well as the unusual sites that surround us, to create strategies that reveal the intrinsic components of a design solution, sculpting the narratives and identity from its surrounding.  Thier work from the studio is imprinted with innovative digital technologies which allow us to test configurations, fail early and to find the optimal spatial design and articulation for each specific place.  Every project is undertaken with a keen eye for craft, feel and the robustness needed for a design to last.  This is the embodiment of our process and our team’s ambition.

Find out more about InSite at http://insiteinternational.com/

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