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Built – Large
Celebrating large-scale projects that are greater than 1,000m2 (10,000 square feet). These projects can include can be parks, gardens, plazas, piers, amphitheatres, squares, office buildings, retail developments, campuses, arboretums, wetlands, shared streets, waterfronts, greenways, and landscape networks. The Built Large category seeks to honour projects of expansive scale that integrate natural and built elements intending to be innovative and have a positive impact on the landscape and people.

2023 WLA Awards
2023 WLA Awards – Award of Excellence – Pier 26 at Hudson River Park – OLIN | Image Credit: Kristian Alveo for Kebony

Built – Small
Recognizing the importance of small-scale design projects that are less than 1,000m2 (10,000 square feet). These projects can include can be pocket parks, parklets, rooftops, art installations, playgrounds, experimental and demonstration gardens, show gardens, and interior landscapes. Any landscape or design that showcases design, innovation and resolved implementation. The Built Small category seeks to recognise that small projects can also have a profound impact on place.

2023 WLA Awards
2023 WLA Awards – Award of Excellence – This Was Once a Pond: North Meadow on The Rose Kennedy Greenway – ASK+ and Unknown Studio Landscape Architecture & Urban Design LLC | Photography: Jane Messinger & Chris Rucinski

Built – Commercial Residential Design
Projects that include multi-dwelling residential design that include low, medium or high rise developments that are for residential or mixed use development(including residential). Entries for the commercial Residential Design category can include show houses, townhouse developments, apartment/condo buildings, multiple high rises, community developments, and other multidwelling projects. Projects should show creativity and sustainable practices that address the needs of residents whilst also being innovative in their approach.

2023 WLA Awards
2023 WLA Awards – Award of Excellence – From Gutter to Valley: Activating a Neglected Canal as a Community Hub – Lab D+H Shanghai | Photo Credit: Bing Lu

Built – Private Residential Design
This category seeks to recognise single-dwelling residential landscape design of varying scales from small to large projects. These projects can include a rooftop garden, balcony garden, private home garden, estate garden, ranch, or homestead garden for a single dwelling. Private Residential Design should create designs that are not only aesthetic but also innovative, personalized solutions that reflect the desires and lifestyles of the homeowners while respecting the landscape and its context.

2023 WLA Awards
2023 WLA Awards – Award of Excellence – Private Garden Blaricum – Baljon landscape architects | Image Credit: Luuk Kramer

Built – Urban Design
Urban Design is a crucial shaper of our urban environments, cities, and towns. Entries in this category should showcase the transformative impact of landscape design that enhances the place whilst incorporating innovative and sustainable design principles. Projects that may be entered in this category can include greenways, shared streets, post-industrial, community gardens, repurposed landscapes, linear parks, park networks, ecological belts, neighbourhood redevelopments or districts.

2023 WLA Awards
Renovation Plan for Second Grinding Wheel Factory – Lab D+H Shanghai | Image Credit: Bing Lu

Conceptual – Analysis and Planning
Designers often spend considerable time and effort developing documents that include significant analysis and planning for future landscapes. This category can include planning documents, master plans, postoccupancy reports, design manuals, guidelines, management plans, frameworks, planning overlays, policies, regulations, and other landscape evaluation reports. Entries must include analysis and planning content, the project may be built, however the majority of the submission should focus on the analysis and planning component.

2023 WLA Awards
2023 WLA Awards – Award of Excellence – BiodiverCITY_A Matter of Vital Soil! – Joyce van den Berg and City of Amsterdam

Conceptual – Large Design
Honouring unbuilt (conceptual) projects that are greater than 1,000m2 (10,000 square feet). Designers spend considerable time developing conceptual designs that are often not realised physically. Entries in this category can include competitions and conceptual design for public, commercial, retail, mixed-use (not residential – see conceptual commercial/private residential) landscapes. Previous winners include farm regeneration, brownfield redevelopment, business campus, educational campus, waterfront mixed-use.

Conceptual – Small Design
WLA seeks to honour small-scale concepts with transformative ideas that showcase the art of designing intimate spaces. Entries in this category should be less than 1,000m2 (10,000 square feet) and can include exhibitions, art installations, playgrounds, pocket parks, parklets, rooftops, experimental gardens, show gardens (such as garden shows or exhibitions), and interior landscapes.

Conceptual – Residential Design
Residential landscape design is vital in creating the first place where people often experience landscape and nature. This category looks to honour conceptual design for single and multi-dwelling residential design. Entries in this category can include concepts for single houses, apartments/condos, townhouses, homesteads, ranches, multiple residential developments.

Conceptual – Urban Design (New for 2024)
Urban design can have a transformative effect on the landscape. Conceptual Urban Design projects can incorporate new visionary approaches, ideas and processes in design due to their scale and ability to provide. Entries in this category can include conceptual design for greenways, shared streets, community gardens, post-industrial landscapes, repurposed landscapes, linear parks, park networks, ecological belts, neighbourhood redevelopments, or districts.

TCLF – Cultural Landscape Award
Cultural landscapes have been affected, influenced, and/or shaped by human involvement and occupation. Often associated with a significant person, community, or event, they can range from thousands of acres to a tiny park or garden. Collectively, cultural landscapes are works of art, narratives of culture, and expressions of regional identity. Cultural landscapes shape our shared public memory.

This newly announced award, in partnership with The Cultural Landscape Foundation, recognizes the holistic planning, design, and stewardship efforts that reveal and assign value to a landscape’s palimpsest – embracing historic and cultural assets and systems in the same way that traditional practice addresses dynamic natural and ecological systems. These are planning efforts and built works that safeguard a landscape’s integrity and authenticity and, in the process of managing change, foster a deeper understanding and engagement of myriad voices.

Entries may range from those that address historical (and purposeful) erasure, the nature/culture dilemma; pro bono commitments for limited budgets; the challenge of rigid government standards; and, for public landscapes, innovative public engagement tools and strategies.

Editors Award
An exemplary project selected from all entries by the Editor representing high-quality design or initiative within the landscape architecture profession.

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