Winners announced for the 2024 WLA Professional Awards

The 2024 World Landscape Architecture Professional Awards celebrate the pinnacle of design excellence, innovation, and sustainability in landscape architecture. The global jury of this year’s awards were impressed by the quality and diverse range of entries with over 250 entries from over 40 different countries. From urban parks and green spaces to restorative ecological projects, the entries reflect a broad spectrum of visionary solutions addressing global challenges. 

2024 WLA Awards Jury

2024  jury

Top Left to Right – Lauren Cantrell, Hanneke Kijne, Zhongwei Li; Bottom Left to Right – Manguesh R. Prabhugaonker, Sophie Thompson, Kongjian Yu, Charles A. Birnbaum.

Lauren Cantrell | Principal and Founder, DELINEATOR;
Hanneke Kijne | Landscape architect and Owner, MORE landscape;
Zhongwei Li | Founding Principal Lab D+H Shanghai;
Manguesh R. Prabhugaonker | Architect & Landscape Architect;
Sophie Thompson | Director and Head of Public Realm at LDA Design;
Kongjian Yu | Founder and Principal Designer, Turenscape;
Special Juror – Charles A. Birnbaum | President + CEO, The Cultural Landscape Foundation;

World Landscape Architecture is proud to announce the winners of the 2024 WLA Professional Awards as follows: 

Built – Small Landscape Design 

Award of Excellence 

One Hive | StudioPOD 

One Hive is innovative in its region and the implementation of the cast stone blocks is successful in creating a variety of comfortable edges within its urban context. A delightful transformation of an underutilised and leftover space, typical to many high-density cities. It creates a locally distinctive and well-loved pocket plaza, and within the confines of a small space works hard for people and nature.

Merit Awards 

The Bowline | rankinfraser landscape architecture | Image Credit: Keith Hunter
Tile Garden | Landtek Group 风物营造 | Image Credit: Chill Shine丘文三映

Honour Award 

Shanghai Super Tube : The Vibrant Rebirth of an Underbridge Community Hub of the City | FISH DESIGN 

Built – Commercial Residential Landscape Design 

Award of Excellence 

The Ravine Park at Godrej Rivergreens | StudioPOD + Enviroscape 

Jury Comments: The project’s role in establishing sustainable water management along with park space stood out. High sustainability ambitions made possible under strained conditions.

Merit Awards 

Island life in Antara | Platform Design Group | Image Credit: Lu Bing Photography Studio, PrismImage 
Jonas Amsterdam | Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners | Image Credit: ©Sebastian van Damme

Honour Awards 

High Park | veenenbos en bosch landschapsarchitecten + Martijn Al | Image Credit: Loohorst landscaping
LUXELAKES Gem Harbor Residential | WTD GROUP 

Built – Private Residential Landscape Design 

Award of Excellence 

Nurturing Nature in the Mile-High City | Design Workshop Inc. – Aspen, Colorado | Image Credit: Brandon Huttenlocher/Design Workshop, Inc.

Jury Comments: A beautiful sequence of spaces that seamlessly blend the garden with the wider landscape, substantially improving biodiversity and reducing intensive maintenance. The project is recognized for its restorative efforts in the landscape to achieve biodiversity goals and ecologically connect to its context. It’s also a design that promotes comfort, relaxation, and a return to nature.

Merit Awards 

High Alpine Modernism – Outcrop Haus | Design Workshop Inc. – Aspen, Colorado | Image Credit: Brandon Huttenlocher/Design Workshop, Inc.
Private residence in the Lower Rhine area | WKM Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH 

Honour Awards 

Bridge House | LaGuardia Design Group | Image Credit: Magda Biernat & Anthony Crisafulli 
Dune Meadow | LaGuardia Design Group | Image Credit: Michael Stavaridis

Built – Large Landscape Design 

Award of Excellence 

Hangzhou Grand Canal Steelworks Park | TLS Landscape Architecture | Image Credit: ChillShine 丘文三映

Jury Comments: Creative adaption of a former steelworks for the benefit of the greater good. Multi-functional network of spaces for people and nature. I was impressed by this project as an evolved global model for superscale industrial adaptive reuse. I appreciate the involvement of the Landscape Architect in reinterpreting the function of the factory, transforming its new life from a static “relic” in the landscape to a live space that successfully achieves cultural and ecological goals.

Merit Awards 

Mill 19 | TEN x TEN and MSR Design | Image Credit: Gaffer Photography
The Park at Elephant Park | Gillespies | Image Credit: John Sturrock

Honour Awards 

Dongguan Central Park Phase 1 | Henning Larsen | Image Credit: DID Studio
Demonstration Area of Water Environment Improvement and Ecological Construction Project of Muchun Lake and Fanchun Lake in Chenggong, Kunming | SHUISHI 

Built – Urban Design 

Award of Excellence

Transforming Southbank Boulevard | City of Melbourne with TCL & Mike Hewson | Image Credit: Dianna Snape

Jury Comments: An excellent example of reassignment of space around highways that includes a provocative new type of play space. An outstanding urban-scale landscape project, remarkable for its surprising execution.

Merit Awards 

Lynn Wyatt Square for the Performing Arts | RIOS | Image Credit: Pavel Bendov
Dynamic Boundaries Linking Time and Space: Duke Kunshan University 14 Year Commitment to Ecology | Futurepolis Urban Planning & Architecture Design Inc. | Image Credits: TraceImage

Honour Awards 

Catharijnesingel | OKRA landscape architects | Image Credit: Stijn Poelstra, Antoine Thevenet, Melle van Dijk
From Wharf 3 to Pearl River Blueway: Julong Bay Open Space Phase 1 | 善启设计咨询(上海)有限公司/Sasaki

Conceptual – Analysis and Planning 

Award of Excellence 

The Resilient Campus Historic Ecology and Water Conservation at UCLA | Design Workshop, Inc. 

Jury Comments: A good example of a replicable approach to improving biodiversity and water management across university estates. Collaboration with the local Gabrieleno/Tongva people is highly appreciated, good resilience ambitions.

Merit Awards 

A Resilient Working Seafront: Huangshi Bay Coastal Park Master Plan | 善启设计咨询(上海)有限公司/Sasaki
Seven Greenways: A Cooperative Vision for Water in the Arid West | Design Workshop Inc. – Aspen, Colorado 

Honour Awards 

Reclaiming the South Platte – A Blueprint for Restoration + Resilience | Design Workshop Inc. – Denver, Colorado 
Sepulveda Basin Vision Plan | OLIN 

Conceptual – Small 

No entries were shortlisted or awarded. 

Conceptual – Residential Landscape Design 

Award of Excellence 

Binckhorst The Hague | Flux landscape architecture 

Jury Comment: An excellent example that integrates climate adaptation, biodiversity and liveability at several scales.

Conceptual – Large Landscape Design 

Award of Excellence 

Belle Isle Vision Plan | Marvel & James River Park System

Jury Comments: The innovative concept of the restored architecture and landscape reflects collaboration across an ecologically and culturally-driven project. Meaningful engagement and co-design and a sensitive and interesting re-use and adaptation of historic and industrial landscapes and structures to create areas with a distinctive and special character, communicated with clear and evocative graphics.

Merit Awards 

Biosynmedica Healing Park | Anjuna Architects 
Printers Hill | Sasaki 

Honour Awards 

Shenzhen Natural History Museum | B+H Architects, 3XN, Zhubo Design

Conceptual – Urban Design 

Award of Excellence 

Rimac River’s Special Landscape Project: Metropolitan Green Corridor for Lima’s Historic Center | Proyecto Especial Paisajístico Río Rímac – PEPRR

Jury Comments: Complete and contextual integrated design on multiple scale levels.

Merit Awards 

Hengqin “Zero Carbon” Sewage Treatment Park | North China Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd. 
Urban Transformation of the 5th street in the Center of Cali | Entropía Arquitectura Adaptativa + Land + Nueve Arquitectura

Honour Award 

Post-COVID Adaptive Planning In Wuhan: South Core of Optics Valley | Sasaki 

The Cultural Landscape Foundation – Cultural Landscape Award 

Peavey Plaza | Coen+Partners 

Jury Comments: Peavy Plaza’s successful renovation elevates (landscape architecture) preservation and underscores the impact of our collective advocacy in restoring culturally relevant public spaces for the community. A well researched and thought our restoration and adaptation of a key cultural and historic brutalist public space to bring it back to life. Sensitive changes relating to accessibility and sustainability maintain the inherent character.

World Landscape Architecture – Editor’s Award  

Reconnecting City, Nature and People: Ecological Restoration of Tongjian Lake Park | Power China Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited

Editors Comment: A project that addresses not only environmental sustainability by enhancing water quality, allowing room for flooding, but also social and economic factors through the attracting people back to their hometown through the restoration of damage or abandon buildings for the purposes of providing spaces for artists and creatives. __________________________________________________________________________________________

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2024 World Landscape Architecture Awards. We thank all the entrants for this years awards and look forward to see more entries in 2025.

Shortlisted Certificates will be issued on June 17. 

WLA Student Awards will be launched on August 20.

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