What is landscape architecture?

Thammasat University – the largest urban rooftop farm in Asia design by landscape architects – LANDPROCESS
Images credit | Courtesy of LANDPROCESS

What is landscape architecture?
Landscape architecture is the study and practice of designing environments (outdoors & indoors) of varying scale that encompasses elements of art, environment, architecture, engineering, and sociology.

Xuhui Runway Park designed by landscape architects – Sasaki
Image Credit: Insaw Photography

Landscape Architecture is a profession that is unknown or misunderstood as gardening by many. Its value to society is greater than many can imagine and should be celebrated by the population of every town, city, and country.

Jewel at Changi Airport, Singapore – designed by landscape architects – PWP Landscape Architecture and Architect – Safdie Architects Photography | Tim Hurstley
823 Congress Pocket Patio designed by landscape architects – dwg.
Image Credit: Adam Barbe

Landscape architects are involved in the designing of spaces that “creates and enables life between the buildings”. The involvement of landscape architects can be seen in streets, roads, shared paths, housing estates, apartment compounds, shopping malls, squares, plazas, gardens, pocket parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, memorials, museums, schools, universities, transport networks, regional parks, national parks, forests, waterways and across towns, cities and countries. Landscape architects often go beyond design creating frameworks and policies for place and city shaping that enable citizens and government to create better places for all.

The Spheres designed by Landscape Architect Site Workshop and Architect NBBJ
Image Credit | Stuart Isett
Waterline Square Park designed by landscape architects – MNLA
Image Credit: Elizabeth Felicella
TE ARA I WHITI – Light Path designed by landscape architects – LandLAB in collaboration with Monk McKenzie
Image Credit: LandLAB & Monk McKenzie
Hongkou North Bund Waterfront Masterplan designed by landscapes architects Hassell
Render Image Credit: Hassell
Arninge-Ullna Riparian Forest Park designed by landscape architects – Topia landskapsarkitekter
Images: Courtesy of Topia landskapsarkitekter
Berczy Park | Claude Cormier | Image by Industryous
Ian Potter Wild Play designed by landscape architecsts – ASPECT Studios | Image ©Brett Boardman

Many landscape architects from the past, current, (and future) have designed everlasting landscapes that will stand the test of time for decades to come that create calm, joy, and inspiration for so many. As a profession, landscape architects should be proud as few professions can stake claim to creating places that impact and benefit so many people.

Scioto Greenways | MKSK
KUSTZONE – KATWIJK designed by landscape architect architects OKRA | © OnSite Photography
Mill River and Greenway | OLIN | Image Credit – ©Carly Bergey

The question of what is landscape architecture raises varying opinions on what it is and isn’t; the profession is so broad and encompassing that there is enough scope and breadth in the profession to accommodate varying views and remember that we have a wide range of expertise, skills and talents.

April is Landscape Architecture Month and WLA will be looking at What is landscape architecture? and publishing various profiles and articles.

Article Written by Damian Holmes is the Founder and Editor of WLA.
He is also a registered Landscape Architect with extensive experience in Australia, Canada, and China. 
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