Welcome to Plantae our new WLA Partner

We are always lucky to welcome new members to WLA. We are very happy to welcome Plantae as a new WLA Partner and we thank them for their support and look forward to working with them in 2021.

Plantae offers landscape design and consulting services for residential properties, commercial units and real estate with a focus on seasonal plant care. The best part about seasons is the change of form, colour and texture of various plants. Taking advantage of the natural changes and translating them into the design in the best-suited way creates a fascinating landscape in harmony with the changing environment. Specifications on plant care and horticultural aspect of plants for various seasons is given to ensure vibrant looking plants throughout the year.

Plantae comes up with environmentally sound design ideas and representation for various stages of the construction and development process. Assistance in hardscape along with the softscape for both outdoors and indoors is provided with a long term focus on its maintenance procedures.

Lastly, Plantae believes in impacting one space at a time regardless of the scale of the impact thereby believing in it’s ripple effect.

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