Welcome to Newarch – a new WLA partner

At WLA, we are grateful that we have the support of landscape architecture firms from various countries and are excited to welcome Newarch LLP to WLA as a new partner. We thank them for their support which enables us to continue publishing projects from around the world.

Newarch® LLP believes in the ‘5P strategy’ – Projects, People, Purpose, Processes, and Profits for the larger good. Landscape architecture at Newarch® is practiced on the principles of Correction, Consumption, Conservation, Appreciation, Utilization, Innovation, and Retention. With a vision to perform for 100 years, ‘Newarchers’ share a goal for the evolution of skills, expertise, culture, and values beyond an individual’s lifespan.

Established in 1999, the organization is committed to translating the needs of the community and the environment into economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable design solutions. NEWARCH® has delivered projects in India and abroad, owing to its team and a closely associated professional network. The team represents a broad spectrum of professionals and experts – landscape architects, architects, horticulturists, visualizers, and site inspectors.

With a vision to expand the scope of landscape design, ‘The Newarchers’ would be a global community of landscape architects and its allied fields. Newarch® has established EDU – the academic cell, INK – the publication cell, and UNLEARN – the interactive cell to indulge effectively in understanding open spaces.

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