Victorian Desalination Project Green Roof | ASPECT Studios | Wonthaggi Australia

Courtesy of Thiess-Degremont Joint Venture

ASPECT Studios has been involved in the Victorian Desalination Project since the bid phase and was instrumental in overseeing the inclusion of extensive green roofs on the main buildings of the process plant.

These green roofs demonstrate the integration of landscape with architecture, and assist with the mitigation of visual impacts on the environmentally sensitive coastal site near Wonthaggi in Southern Gippsland.

The green roofs in this project are currently the largest installation of extensive green roofing in the Southern Hemishpere at 26,000 sqm. Comprised of a thin layer of growing media, as well as drainage and irrigation components, they are planted with locally occurring indigenous species that will provide habitat for many birds and insects, and contribute to the biodiversity values for the area.

The green roofs also visually blend in with the surrounding coastal landscape, store and clean rain water, and provide acoustic and thermal insulating properties. They successfully provide a solution to many of the performance requirements for the roofs.


Victorian Desalination Project Green Roof | ASPECT Studios | Wonthaggi Australia

Client |                         Aquasure and Thiess-Degremont Joint Venture (design and construction contractor)

Team Members |    ASPECT Studios – green roof designer

Ftyogreen Australia– green roof contractor

peckvonhartel pvh – Architecture

ARM Architecture – Architecture

Practical Ecology – reviewed planting for ecological value

Beca – Architecture, Structural and Hydrologic Engineering

Parsons Brinkerhoff – Civil engineering

Green Roof Area |          26,000 square metres
Year |                      2009–2013
Photography |                Courtesy of Thiess-Degremont Joint Venture

Images/Render |             ASPECT Studios

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