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VALA Huahin, a 5-star luxury hotel and resort located near the resort town of Huahin, two and a half hours drive from Bangkok, Thailand. VALA Huahin Nu Chapter Hotels: a member of small luxury hotels of the world defines the essence of simplicity where landscape and architecture subtly resonates with the spirit of place.

Appointed as a landscape architect for this upcoming boutique hotel in 2018, Landscape Tectonix Limited intensively researched in site context deeply analyzed site conditions and design programs then brought into the project concept “The journey of transition” inspired by the appreciation of the uniqueness in the landscape: from the unspoiled lush greenery in the high mountain, the large crystal-clear freshwater lagoon, the flowering meadow grassland to the hardy beachside landscape creating the unique landscape settings throughout the site. Therefore this concept strongly forms the unique landscape designs in the hotel.

The interpretation of the project concept defines the solution in physical planning of long linear with narrow beach exposure site, the management of the existing landscape elements such as existing trees, rocks and terrains as well as the summary of designed programs from the hotel’s requirements.

Meticulously crafted as a crystal-clear signature pool, the swimming pool is strategically stretched in long linear and widely exposed to take the full beachfront view creating an impact to most of the guest rooms including the swimming experiences.

Impressed by the number of existing mature trees at the site as well as the hotel’s philosophy in sustainability, the landscape architect intentionally managed to preserve and enhance the natural heritage with the proposed design. Therefore tree survey was undertaken on-site by the landscape architect for the accurate positions with the numbering system to generate the base plan and supporting data.

The design level changes are strategically created to enhance the relationship between the existing topography and the proposed design. The result is to enhance the guest’s experience as well as define the hierarchy of space.

The pool is intentionally raised up as close as the guest room’s level to dominantly provide direct access and a pleasant view. Meanwhile, the public pool terraces at the opposite are lower than the pool level to keep the privacy of the guest rooms.

The landscape design takes the advantage of the site orientation to the east-west by enhancing the visual perception of natural light, shade and shadow with the landscape elements. The mesmerizing visual effects created by natural light are dominantly created at all times.

VALA Huahin – Nu Chapter Hotels

Location: Huahin, Prachuab-kirikan, Thailand

Landscape Architect: Landscape Tectonix Limited

Architects: The Office of Bangkok Architects (OBA)
Interior : Begray Bangkok
Client: Regent group

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