Undulating Bridge | Hoofddorp Netherlands | LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects


The Undulating Bridge establishes a direct connection for pedestrians and cyclists between the train and bus station of Hoofddorp and the Office Park Beukenhorst. Coming from the station the bridge enables two possible routes, and therefore has a flared shape. The two curved lines of the bridge in plan, are strengthened by a vertical motion. The arc for cyclists is enhanced by a slight bulge, while pedestrians are brought closer to the water through a hollow. The Undulating Bridge has a distinctive smooth and graceful shape.



The railing of the bridge gives specific expression to the setting: perforations in the stainless steel walls show a pattern of tree branches. It is the characteristic image of a row of the trees silhouetted against the sky polder. These poplar trees are planted along a dike that is part of the historic defense line around Amsterdam (Unesco World Heritage site). During the day the pattern of dots make a black graphic image in contrast to the silver-gray, while in the evening LED lighting behind the punch holes create an inversion of the image: a poetical sight.



The combination of direct and indirect light, integrated into the railing, eliminates the necessity of light fixtures on poles. The railing consist of a double wall; the light from inside radiates indirectly out. The outer plate has perforations in a pattern of tree branches, and the inner plate has a regular grid. This way the surface of the bridge is well lit, creating a safe passage. The construction is the result of extensive research: scale of the perforation pattern in the stainless steel, different sizes of the punch holes, type light fixtures and intensity and colour of the light. All resulted in the visibility of the pattern of branches from any angle and by night and day.



Next to the railway station and close to Schiphol airport the area has good potential to contribute to a sustainable development. The main artery consist of an avenue: functionally because of its central position, and spatially by its central verge that runs as a grassy dike with a double row of Fraxinus trees. Along the avenue runs a wide canal, another strong structural element of the polder landscape. Because these long lines continue in the surrounding, the development is well anchored in the landscape.


Recently the project earned a Special Mention at Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards 2015:

“The SPECIAL MENTION is given for a project that provided an imaginative response to an otherwise functional footbridge crossing and in particular for the integration of a decorative lit element into the balustrade.” (Jury Evaluation)

The prize is awarded for projects with a clear synergy between architecture, interior design, landscaping and lighting. The Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards appreciates creativity, innovation and sustainability. From 54 countries, 598 projects were submitted for four categories. Beukenhorst-South is the latest office park in the Haarlemmermeerpolder




Undulating Bridge | Hoofddorp Netherlands | LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects

Design Firm | LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects

Lighting Consultant | Industrielicht

Client | City of Haarlemmermeer, the Netherlands

Images Credit | LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects, Industrielicht

Text Credit | LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects

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